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The Venezuelan Institute of Social Security is preparing its payment for the month of June 2024, so new pensioners are waiting for the new amount.

IVSS Pension Payment: Payment Date, Amount, along with other important information | Photo: Libero Mix

The Venezuelan Social Security Agency (IVSS) is a public agency in Venezuela responsible for managing and guaranteeing social security for Venezuelan workers and citizens. Likewise, its users have access to a monthly payment, with access to 130 bolivars for the next payment.

IVSS Online: Latest news from Social Security for Wednesday, May 15

How to register for IVSS Tiuna?

Learn how to keep an account at IVSS Tiuna Management System In simple steps:

  • Create a request by Project website.
  • You will receive Application Number and Confirmation Number > Fill in your application details.
  • The system will give you the option to print the registration request certificate.
  • Take the printed claim certificate to the concerned administrative office.
  • The system will generate the system access credentials and they will come to you via email.

How do I know if I am a pensioner?

To check if you are on the list New IVSS Pensioners You must visit the official site: IVSS Pensioners. To check whether the pension is already allocated, enter the ID number and date of birth of the person opting for the pension.

IVSS Payment in May 2024: Social Security Deposit Date

From this Monday, April 22, 2024IVSS pensioners can access money deposited through their Social Security account.

IVSS Social Security: Access pensioners with personal accounts through ID

Visit the website of Venezuelan Social Security Agency Verify your ID number by following these steps:

  • Enter IVSS web portal
  • Go to ‘Inquiries’ section.
  • Click on ‘Pensioners’ link.
  • Enter ID card number and date of birth.
  • Check the assigned banking institution.
  • Verify the account with your laminated identity card.
  • Just hit the ‘Consult’ button and that’s it.

Access the latest news about Venezuelan Social Security AgencyThis enabled your IVSS pension payment for May 2024. Also, when will the next payment corresponding to June come?

How to check if you belong to IVSS pensioners?

It is important to know all the information related to this concept because many people have submitted their application and need to check if it has been accepted. Get related money.

  • Enter the official IVSS site
  • Go to ‘Inquiries’ and click on ‘Pensioners’.
  • Enter your ID number and date of birth
  • Check the assigned banking institution
  • Finally, hit the ‘Consult’ button and that’s it.

IVSS Pension Payment Schedule

At present the beneficiaries do not know exactly when their respective deposits will arrive, although it can be roughly estimated The last dates for which it was paid. Note that payment is made one month in advance.

  • January 2024: December 20
  • February 2024: January 19
  • March 2024: February 21
  • April 2024: March 21
  • May 2024: April 22
  • June 2024: Pending (between May 20 and 21).

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