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Creator”Love Hina” now a Japanese politician Ken Akamatsu revealed that The Japanese government is debating whether artificial intelligence (AI) image generators automatically infringe manga artists' copyrights.. AI art is one of the biggest problems facing modern manga artists, who often run the risk of having their work stolen and reused by AI programs. Since the introduction of artificial intelligence, many governments around the world have begun to rethink how they should handle projects that rely on the availability of copyrighted material to create images.

Recently, on Twitter, Ken AkamatsuA member of the Japanese Council of Councillors, Answered questions about Lora, an artificial intelligence project. The program was used to create images similar to the works produced by Kishin Higuchi, a popular manga artist in Japan.

  • We received several questions about LoRA from Professor Kishin Higuchi. What makes it unique is that the distribution section on the CV states: 'All images used for the tutorial are created by us and no copyrighted work of any artist is used.' However, even if the artist's own copyrighted works are not used for AI learning, the act of creating and using the product satisfies the “similarity and dependency” associated with the copyrighted works, which constitutes infringement. rights” wrote Agamatsu.

If this resolution is implemented, it will have dire consequences.Not only for those who create infographics with AI, but also for those who make the technologies used to create them.

  • In addition to usersAkamatsu continued, “There is a possibility that the developer (i.e. the creator of Lora) could become an infringer… The government is also considering infringement of non-copyright rights, such as rights of publicity, related to artificial intelligence being developed.“.
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In the anime community, AI is often criticized for stealing the style of popular artists. Last year, Japanese publisher Shinsosha came under fire for publishingCyberpunk: Beach John“, an AI-generated manga,” resembles the creator's iconic styleTokyo Goal“, Sui Ishita. The audience also attacked Studio OLM For using AI-generated art in the official music video for the series “Payplate X“. Much of this collective outrage is due The belief that entertainment companies are simply replacing human performers Through artificial intelligence to save time and money during production.

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