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Javier Miley The candidate who received the most votes in the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory Elections (PASO) held this Sunday Argentina. The decision, which rocked the South American country’s political scene, is surprising given that La Libertad Avanza’s leader is pushing a radical economic reform program that many have been enthusiastic about and disqualified by others.

Until Sunday’s election, Most studies have given mercy About 20% of the voter turnout, ten points less than what he finally achieved PASO.

WATCH: PASO 2023 Election Results Live in Argentina | Javier Miele wins the primaries by surprise

Now mercy52 years old, Such area favorite in the general election October 22. The other two are strong candidates Patricia Bullrich, Right Wing Together for Change; Y Sergio Massa from the Official Union for Homeland.

Primary election results in Argentina. (AFP).

“We were able to create this competitive alternative that would put an end to the parasitic, stupid, ineffective political caste”said mercy In his first speech on Sunday night. “We are in a position to beat caste in the first round”, said the Libertarian candidate.

“We are facing the end of the model Complicated Based on that atrocity: ‘Where there is a need, a right is born’, but they forget that someone has to pay for that right, which translates into a strong fiscal deficit, Argentina’s deficit in the last 122 years is 112″under control mercy.

Political map of Argentina after Sunday’s primaries. (AFP).
Javier Miley celebrates the results of the primary election with his sister Karina Miley on August 13, 2023. (Photo by Alejandro Bagni/AFP).

Argentina It has been plagued by rising inflation for over a decade, reaching 115.6% year-on-year. Additionally, poverty is at 40%.

Accordingly Freedom developmentsCompetition mercy Promotes values ​​such as “dignity, protection of right to life from conception, fairness in management of public resources”. Its foundations are “free market and free competition”.

In this context, election proposals Javier Miley Adds Privatization of Public Enterprises, Abolition of Comprehensive Sex Education (ESI), Free Carry of Arms, Disappearance of Central Bank, Dollarizationamong others.

Key initiatives of Javier Mili are:

Javier Milei proposes to convert the Argentine to the dollar. (Juan MABROMATA/AFP).

Central banking and dollarization

One of the most influential projects mercy The Abolition of the central bank and monetary reform to end inflation As he did, to dollarize the country Ecuador.

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mercy He said the creation of the Central Bank in 1935 was the beginning of all the problems. Argentina.

The Libertarian candidate said after the Fed shuts down, dollarization of the economy could take 9 to 24 months, with dollars in daily circulation on the street.

“Ecuadorians are much better than Argentina. Ecuador’s numbers are impressive. Income multiplied tenfold and inflation was pulverized,” Milei said in an interview with Spanish newspaper El País.

On Dollarization, Argentina Newspaper Carlos Rodríguez, an economist from Usema, a private university located in Buenos Aires, was interviewed. mercy.

Rodriguez explained that it was necessary to get US$40,000 million to convert the country to the dollar. “As everything stabilizes and confidence rises, you have to go out and find money. That’s all it takes to change money and pay off existing business debt. A central bank has cash and gold, and can contribute by selling an asset such as a company. That’s how you get there,” he said.

But economist Guido Agostinelli was interviewed ,”The proposal to close the central bank is a return to a debate that was already settled two centuries ago”.

People look for food in the suburbs of San Buenos Aires on August 8, 2023. (EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni).

Public spending cuts, unemployment insurance

Javier Miley He proposed to go from 18 ministries to eight, eliminate other state agencies and phase out social programs and subsidies. In total, he proposes to cut public spending by 15%.

La Nación explained that the reduction in public spending would be accompanied by the elimination of taxes and labor reform. According to the scheme proposed by the Govt mercy90% of taxes, which affect 2% of GDP and are a “barrier” to the economy, will be removed and, in the working world, unemployment insurance will replace current compensation.

“We are dedicated to analyzing the reform of the state that can achieve greater efficiency and lower costs. Total public expenditure should be reduced, but not by sudden cuts, by liquefaction with inflation, but by prioritizing certain costs”Diana Mondino, Ucema economist and member of the Milei government committee, told La Nación.

Affiliation of Ministry of Health, Education and Social Development

Referring to HealthA government mercy It seeks to collect benefits that people currently receive for free or subsidized.

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He proposes Making universal coverage “proportionate to the service recipient’s ability to pay”.. With this proposal, both the professional and the patient can agree on the fee to be paid. It also plans to collect all medical expenses from “foreigners who can prove financial availability”.

for that EducationA viable government mercy They will implement the system Vouchers or checks to disburse funds to parents. Besides, School attendance is neither compulsory nor free.Progress.

“The duty system does not work. If you want to study, you can buy a voucher and study. The money collected by the government is divided among the school-aged children and parents are given vouchers to choose the school of choice for their children. said.

mercy It proposes to merge the Ministries of Health, Education and Social Development together Ministry of Human Capital.

Eliminating Comprehensive Sexuality Education (ESI)

Javier Mili also proposes remove Comprehensive Sexuality Education (ESI)A policy created by law in 2006 because, he argues, it is part of an agenda linked to the destruction of the family.

It is part of the post-Marxist agenda, and it is part of that agenda that has to do with the destruction of the social center. The most important within society is the family,” the head of La Libertad Avanza said in an interview in May.

He is anti-abortion because he believes “In Other People’s Plans”. Although he asserts that women can make choices about their bodies, It states that the embryo is an independent individual.

On marriage equality, Millie says she has no problem with people getting married however they want.

Regarding homosexuality, Milei rejects the idea that it is a disease and defines it as a matter of personal preference.

Free bearing of arms

Another of the propositions mercy is Free possession of firearms For citizens.

mercy maintains it The free bearing of arms would remove relative power from the state, which currently has a monopoly on violence.

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It also proposes the militarization of prisons to “rebuild the system.”

Its defense plan says it will evaluate studies such as lowering the age of responsibility for minors, barring the entry of foreigners with criminal records and immediately deporting those who commit crimes in the country.

Sale of parts

In June 2022, Javier Miley He said he supports the legal sale of organs. “My first asset is my body. Why can’t I dispose of my body?”under control.

In an interview with the TN channel in May this year, he supported his plan by arguing that Argentina currently has “more than 350,000 people” dying each year. Donors by law.

He added, “7,500 people are affected, waiting for a transplant, something is not working right. What I propose is to look for market mechanisms to solve this problem.

Carlos Sorati, director of the National Central Soul Coordinating Institute for Ablation and Implantation (Incucai), which regulates organ donation in Argentina, responded to the proposal. mercy through a statement.

“These glamorous schemes presented a century ago are ridiculous today. This topic dates back a century to the biological debate that shaped the history of organ transplantation in the early 20th century. revealed.


Who is Javier Mili?

Javier Mili was born on October 22, 1970 in Buenos Aires.

Graduated in Economics from the University of Belgrano.

He won his first election in the 2021 Legislature, when his La Libertad Avanza party ranked as the third most popular force in the city of Buenos Aires with 17% of the vote. He got a second seat.

Before joining politics, Miley became famous for her television appearances as an economic commentator.

According to CNN, Miley lives with five English Mastiff dogs, each weighing around 100 kg.

Four of them are named after economists he admires: Milton (Friedman), Murray (Rothbart), Robert and Lucas (both in honor of the American Nobel laureate Robert Lucas).

He is lonely. He has said that his sister Karina could become the first lady if the president of Argentina.

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