Jesolo relies on Dallmeier technology for its security

Multifocal sensor technology Talmier The Panomera cameras provide increased security for tourists and residents of the streets and coastal areas of this city in the Veneto region.

emptyJessolo It is a tourist center on the Italian Adriatic coast. To ensure the safety of locals and tourists at its busy beaches and public spaces, the Panomera multifocal sensor cameras Talmier.

The city of around 26,000 people receives five million tourists a year and requires better organization during the summer months, especially when it comes to safety.

It is located on the Italian Adriatic coast in the Veneto region. The resort is popular among tourists for its 15 kilometers of golden sand beach and many entertainment facilities: events, theme parks, sports activities, shops, restaurants and nightclubs.

The city has made great efforts to improve its infrastructure and create a safe environment for residents and visitors. Video technology is an important aspect in this regard.

The challenge is to monitor large public areas with as few cameras as possible while maintaining high standards of image quality and ease of use.

Standard cameras cannot meet these requirements: the image quality is not good enough. That’s why security officials decided to look for a new solution and found it in Panomera multifocal sensor cameras from German manufacturer Dallmeier.

Fewer cameras, higher quality

Talmier in JesoloSensors of different focal lengths are combined into a single system. Each module can be individually focused to capture a specific part of the overall picture. As a result, multifocal sensor technology allows large areas to be monitored simultaneously in great detail and with very high resolution. In this way, the Panomera achieves a global resolution in object space that exceeds that of conventional single-sensors.

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Another advantage is that unlike PTZ cameras that are limited to a specific area, the Panomera camera provides a complete and detailed image of the entire surveillance area. It doesn’t matter where the security operator focuses.

Multifocal sensor technology provides an optimal overview of the entire event and enables complete real-time monitoring. This allows security personnel to respond to potential threats. In the event of an incident, recorded video footage can be used to solve crimes and as evidence in court.

“Panomera cameras make a significant contribution to improving public security. Especially at night, when inappropriate behavior and crimes such as vandalism or violence can occur. Thanks to video surveillance, we can detect suspicious activities and take appropriate measures to prevent crimes or identify criminals,” he says. Daniel SicinioDirector of Dallmire Italia.

Video surveillance also serves as a deterrent: the presence of cameras deters potential criminals and creates a safer environment.

“Panomera offers a unique combination of high resolution, optimal perspective and intuitive operation,” explains Claudio Vanin, commander of the local police. “The level of detail is amazing, even in difficult situations like near the ocean. The cameras are robust and durable.

Data protection

Video security systems must comply with country-specific data protection regulations and other supra-regional regulations such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Secure data management is essential for the City of Jesolo.

“Our products and solutions have the highest level of technical precautions that make it easy for customers to implement a video security solution that complies with data protection regulations,” comments Daniele Sicinio.

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Guided by privacy and security by design, Dallmeier offers extensive options for data protection and security configuration on the product side, from creating ‘private zones’ to sophisticated access concepts and secure authentication procedures according to IEEE 802.1X.

Dallmeier video surveillance systems meet all decisive criteria for providing evidence in court. Image quality, protection against tampering and unauthorized access meet LGC forensics certification.

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