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What do you think of Piero Quispe’s performance in Pumas?

At first, when there was a possibility of him coming to Mexico, I liked the recruitment with the national team after he was in Peru. I feel like he’s a player who can contribute even more, and he hasn’t done badly. I think it took him a while to adapt to our football, maybe in the first few days he didn’t see the comfort I see him in today. Today, I embrace it more and I look at it with an idea [de juego] Much clearer than what Gustavo Lema intended [el técnico] As for him on the field of play, he is more involved with his teammates than anything else. For me, he has a lot more to give, he’s got more from the competition and he’s coming to this very important stage at a good time with Pumas playing for the possibility of qualifying for the finals.

-In February, you commented that Quispe had not yet taken the leap of adaptation two months after that statement, had he already adapted to Aztec football or did he still need to?

No, I think it’s almost one hundred percent adapted. Our football is not easy, it is dynamic, sometimes very challenging physically and with varying climates and altitudes. What they ask of Piero on the pitch, he already gets it right, the understanding with his teammates is improving more and more, and because of the great quality he has, he can contribute even more. For his first match in Mexico, I see him doing well with the Pumas and with a lot of confidence in doing the important things in our football.

Joaquin Beltran spent almost ten years at the Pumas from 1997 to 2006, he played 315 games, scored 15 goals and was a two-time champion with the ‘Felines’ in 2004. (diffusion)

-What does it take for a foreign player to shine at a level like Piero Quispe?

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The main situation is the mechanics of jumping for a player in his position, as Piero has the technique and idea of ​​the game, and this is achieved through height, playing style and important physical adaptation. I see him getting better and better in that regard. The most important thing is the agility issue, Piero can impose his football on the team, when the ball goes to his feet he makes his teammates play, he gives a different rhythm to the Pumas attack. I am doing. If Piero maintains that agility and pace of play, he could contribute even more to the Pumas.

-Giuseppe Lema has been a regular headliner, but behind him, how is the competition in his position?

Lema sometimes happens to rotate positions, where ‘Chino’ Huertas, ‘Toto’ Salvio, Trigos, the latter play a bit further back. Carlos Gutierrez was also there, emerging from the base forces [la filial], but he was injured and never recovered. In this cycle, and in these games that he has already started, Quispe has gone further and I can’t imagine a team without him on the field today; He has become a player who gives dynamism and good football to the team, is a fundamental part of Lemma’s tactical plan; He started many games for this and continues to play.

  • Life of Piero Quispe
the season Association parties minutes goals helps
2024 Pumas 15 1045′ 1
2023 University 42 2856′ 6 2
2022 University 37 3038′ 3 5
2021 University 9 370′ 2 1

-Giuseppe usually plays behind the striker but also plays in the middle of the field, in which position do you see him best?

I like it behind the ‘9’ as Pumas have good defenders like Ulises Rivas, Santiago Trigo and José Caicedo. The first thing they look for is a pass to Salvio, Huertas or Pyro. So, I like that it’s behind [Guillermo] Martinez or [Rogelio] Funes Mori, these are the two standard axes of Lema’s attack. That’s where Quispe is best seen and best adapted.

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-The Pumas have just qualified for the finals, if it’s not a win, is it a loss?

I think it will be a failure because [Antonio] The foundation of a project was laid in Mohamed’s last match. Pumas has invested money, which is not common for an institution like the university, which has bought many footballers – including Piero Quispe – and has invested a good amount of money to build a more competitive team.

Piero Quispe has signed a contract with Pumas UNAM until the end of 2026.  (Photo: Getty Images)

Piero Quispe has signed a contract with Pumas UNAM until the end of 2026. (Photo: Getty Images)

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-The Pumas have a 13-year drought without titles, you’ve been champion twice, why do you think so much time has passed?

They have reached the final, where they lost one against Tigres and another against Leon. It seems to me that Pumas has changed its philosophy and its mystique a bit, a team that bet a lot on its youth, supported them, gave them forwards, sheltered them with two or three experimental players. Today, they have chosen to invest more in players, less trained players from base forces, more reinforcements have come in, which doesn’t mean it’s bad, but it seems to me that it’s part of that philosophy. Pumas, which has led to many championships throughout its history, has lost a bit. There is no consistency in the team; The problem is that apart from a 13-year absence of titles, two finals this time around, that is arguably the most important drought the Pumas have at the moment.

Mexico has been an attractive market for the Peruvian footballer, with Quispe, Santamaria; Before Ruidiaz, Yotún, etc., how do you see us?

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Historically, Peruvian football has been well suited to our football. Pumas had a world figure like Juan Jose Munande, who was very recognized and loved in our football, and Pumas was part of the headlines of the 70s. I also had to live together with Alfonso Tulando when he debuted at Pumas. You name it, players who have adapted, Ruidas saved him from relegation with his amazing goal against Morelia; Juan Reynoso, among others. It seems to me that the Peruvian footballer generally adapts well to our style of football and it is also a market that the Mexican manager regularly looks at.

Have these ‘ambassadors’ who made a good impression helped Mexican football pay attention to Peruvian players?

Without a doubt, when you bring in players from one country, when you bring in one, two, three, ten, the majority give results, the majority adapt, you’re constantly looking for that market. And, on a specific economic issue, it’s a market that’s well-suited to Mexico’s needs.

Guispe should follow the line of being a good ‘ambassador’ to open the door to the Peruvian market…

Of course, Piero seems to me to have all the conditions for a good life, even in his youth. If he continues to be called up to the Peruvian team, he could make the leap to European football. There are many things, but from the beginning, I think Piero has the conditions to continue to be a good ambassador of Peruvian football and to do important things with Pumas.

Piero Quispe arrived as one of the three reinforcements of Pumas UNAM for Clausura 2024, he did so alongside Guillermo Martínez and Rogelio Funes Mori.  (Photo: Pumas)

Piero Quispe arrived as one of the three reinforcements of Pumas UNAM for Clausura 2024, he did so alongside Guillermo Martínez and Rogelio Funes Mori. (Photo: Pumas)

-What do you expect from Piero Quispe during his stay at Pumas?

Understanding that you have already placed several shots, it could reach a team from abroad or from Mexican soccer, another club that puts a good offer on the table and Pumas is perfect for them. I want Piero to stay for at least two years [en el equipo], has already been integrated into the organization as an important player. Today he is already doing that, he quickly adapted to our football. I want him to stay for at least two years so he can show his football and contribution to the team better.

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