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The candidate does not need to have experience for this job as they will be trained with full pay.

It contains State of California Favorable position open for those without work experience. In addition, no prior knowledge is required, and the fees are low U$D 4,500 per week.

It's done Web homepage Where no prior experience is required, preference is given as the candidate will receive paid training from the company Metro Trans Logistics. Next, you will find out what the job is on offer.

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What is a job at Metro Trans Logistics?

The vacancy offered is Driver/Independent Contractor In Los Angeles, operator of cargo vans and/or straight trucks to transport cargo. This vacancy has become a trend in recent days as candidates don't need any previous experience and additionally, they get training.

Are there any requirements to apply for the job?

The only requirements that the company asks to apply for the job are:

  • Be a permanent resident Los Angeles California
  • Must have driving license
  • Own a van
  • Good command of English language

To be considered for this employment opportunity, applicants must complete a Compendium of Education and Career Where one's skills and personal data are known, it can be sent to email [email protected], Or contact the offices directly to clarify any queries on the number (571) 281 – 2403.

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