Jorge Fossati on call-up for Oliver Sonnet in Peruvian squad: “If I don't see a place for him on the bench, I won't bring him” | game

He is clear. Jorge Fossati is the coach of the Peruvian national team He talked about the possible call-up of Danish-Peruvian defender Oliver Sonne, who was invited by the former coach of the red and white Juan Reynoso; But he had no minutes in any game.

In an interview with Omar Ruíz de Somocurcio, Uruguayan Answered about the case of a Danish guardian with Peruvian nationality.

“Especially Sonne If I don't see at least one place in the bank, I won't bring it.He said trenches.

Let us remember that Juan Reynoso called Oliver Sohn on two dates in the playoffs; However he never sorted it out Peruvian selection.

TROME | Jorge Fossati (Telereports) on Oliver Sohn and Ricardo Gareca

Fossati defends Cueva: “Let the innocent cast the first stone”

Jorge Fossati spoke about his arrival to the Peruvian team and all topics in an interview with Teleports. In this conversation, the midfielder Cristian Cueva spoke, who did not leave Alianza Lima in the best way and whose name returned to the entertainment pages due to his emotional connection with the singer Pamela Franco.

In this regard, Fossati said that he has a great figure Christian Cueva And on the two occasions they have met they have chatted.

Regarding his family issue, the Uruguayan added that anyone can make mistakes. “Whether he has done wrong or not…he who is innocent must cast the first stone.He said George Fossati.

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