Journalists from Palmyra get a closer look at the new municipal forest program –

Journalists from Palmyra learned about the design plan to create a hybrid center for science, technology and innovation with the environmental industry in Palmyra’s municipal forest.

The action was attended by the Mayor of Palmyra, Oscar Escobar, who shared with the correspondents that the project is currently in the tender, seeking to start the creation of a modern restaurant.

Journalists from La Palma accompanied Mayor Oscar Escobar on a tour of the municipal forest, stimulating the environment to learn about the studies and designs of the project that seeks to transform the municipal forest into a center of science, technology and innovation. Encourage the development of this important place.

In April, we shared with more than 300 citizens of the municipality the master plan, the studies carried out, the designs in each of the prioritized areas and other relevant aspects through a forest tour.

The communicators toured 9 teaching stations where all the details of the interventions proposed in the project were socialized, Cafรฉ Malacana, Environmental Inquiry Trail, Agronomic Park, Adventure Zone, Living Ponds, etc. Swimming pools and restaurant.

In this regard, Luz Adriana Tassa, journalist of Radio Palmyra Caracol and La Que Digital, said, “It was a very pleasant experience and we are pleasantly surprised with the proposed designs. We emphasize that the mayor takes into account the municipal forest to take advantage of its natural resources and give a new face to this ecological lung.

For his part, our Mayor Oscar Escobar commented that, thanks to the project work carried out in collaboration with Cadavid y Associados SAS, we were able to carry out the task of trying to recover over 18 hectares of land. Part of the symbolism of palm trees and palm trees

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“We want the community to be proud of the forest again, that’s why we started the bidding process in Secop to implement the first phase of this project, which will invest about 4,800 million pesos”Mayor ร“scar Eduardo Escobar revealed.

Finally, the President stressed that the municipality administration is working continuously to provide continuity of the project and thereby all interventions are made to promote employment opportunities, tourism and economic development of the municipality.

It is worth mentioning that all the locations are based on a concept inspired by nature’s geometric shapes, textures of leaves, animal skins, etc. History and heritage of the municipality.

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