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Resolution. Judge Jose Escudero issued a millionaire injunction against a businessman. Photo: Spread

Judge Jose Escudero Lopez granted a preliminary injunction 10.5 million USD was imposed In favor of Bigio & Sáenz Abogados against businessman César del Castillo for allegedly failing to pay a US$14 million “success fee”. However, Del Castillo terminated the contract with Bigo half a year after signing it.

Daniel Biggio LuxA representative of the law firm alleged in August 2020 that del Castillo hired them for three years to advise on the distribution of the inheritance of his client's father, Guido del Castillo, who died in April of the same year. .

However, half a year later, disappointed with the work, on February 24, 2021, Cesar del Castillo sent a notarized letter to the Peggio studio (see document), informing them of the end of the consulting contract. Thus, the businessman turned to the services of Rodríguez Angobaldo Abogados. Through this study del Castillo achieved his father's inheritance distribution.

But on August 18, 2023, Peugeot Studios issued a written demand to Cesar del Castillo to pay US$14 million for allegedly interfering with his successful distribution deal. Inheritance.

Due to non-payment, Daniel Biggio asked on the 14th Commercial Court of Lima Precautionary measure of embargo on César del Castillo's accounts and his shares in Erced SAC, which are part of his inheritance from his father.

Remarkably, on November 16, 2023, Judge Jose Escudero Lopez granted Daniel Pigeon a precautionary measure, ordering a restraining order to register Cesar del Castillo's shares in Ercid SAC for US$500,000. US$10 million in checking, savings or other accounts.

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Judge José Escudero López upheld the decision despite businessman César Gutierrez's defense documenting that the contract, which had an estimated US$14 million success fee for Biggio Studios, was terminated in 2021. Del Castillo did not have a contractual relationship when he reached an agreement with the co-heirs of his father Guido del Castillo.

Also, the businessman pointed out that del Castillo's defense judge Jose Escudero As he specializes in commercial matters, he is not competent in this matter, but he has settled a civil matter case that alleged breach of a professional services contract.

Didn't answer

peace The Republic asked Judge Jose Escudero for a version of the decision in favor of Biggio Studio, but the newspaper said it would do so if it received authorization from the Department of Justice. What actually happened; However, the magistrate later decided not to comment.

Notarial letter

A letter from businessman Del Castillo, who terminated his contract with Peugeot Studios in February 2021.

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