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Peruvian artist Seat! Last Thursday, October 19, he surprised his followers with his most recent release. The presentation titled “Jump” took place at the BTH Hotel Lima Golf in the Mad Bar and was marked by the appearance of an unexpected figure in the Peruvian urban scene: Luis ‘Gudo’ Guadalupe.

In an unforgettable climax during the song, Joke! He declared that he was “hungrier than Gutto”. In response to this statement, the two artists shared a special moment while enjoying an authentic garabulgra with dry soup, completing the presentation in a memorable way.

It marked the debut of the urban genre by Luis Guadalupe, a former soccer player and now a prominent figure in Peruvian music. Earlier he ventured into music as part of his group “Guto y Su Orchestra Libre” where he performed genres such as Salsa, Cumbia and Huayino.

New Promise: Joke!

Joke! A representative of the Peruvian trap, he has attracted attention with his innovative and disruptive project in the urban genre. With songs like “Ring Ring!”, “Champion”. And “DARKSANI”, this rapper of ‘Shani’ has managed to build a solid fan base.

The artist plans to expand his music and promote messages of the Peruvian urban genre in Argentina, where he will travel next Monday.

Race by EPIC Films

The video clip for “Salta” was directed by Brian Jacobs of EPIC Films, a renowned audiovisual director dedicated to new music trends. EPIC Films is a leader in promoting urban genre artists such as Santa Madero, Great Pueblo and Adri Vinila through disruptive audiovisual productions.

The presentation of the ‘Salta’ video clip featured the participation of prominent local artists such as Ginola, KG, Venti, Malapablo and Yuzze, which added more excitement and diversity to the event.

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Unexpected collaboration between “Salta” release and JOK! and ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe, the Peruvian music scene is at a fever pitch and promising exciting new developments in the urban genre.

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