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Meera: What is known about the health of Catherine, Princess of Wales?

January 17 was an important date amid the tumultuous current events facing the British Royal Family. That Wednesday, Kensington Palace — the official home of the Princes of Wales — announced that Kate Middleton had undergone abdominal surgery and was on medical leave until after Easter on medical advice.

The Princess of Wales appreciates the interest the report is generating, but hopes the public will understand her desire to maintain as much normalcy as possible for her children.“The report released by the government agency seems to foreshadow what will happen weeks later.

That same afternoon, another important announcement was made from Buckingham. King Carlos III's prostate was confirmed to be enlarged, so treatment began.

On January 29, the royal palace announced that the princess had returned to her residence. Unlike the king, no photo has been released showing him leaving the clinic, leading to countless theories.

On Monday, February 5, another announcement was broadcast from Buckingham: The King has cancer. It was added that he would begin his treatment and his activities would be limited to those who absolutely needed it, leaving aside appearances at public events.

On Monday, February 5, Buckingham Palace announced that King Charles III had been diagnosed with cancer, without specifying the type.

/ Leon Neal

On the other hand, from Kensington, they reported that Prince William visited his wife daily at the clinic and that she limited her royal duties to take care of their children.

This absence was particularly evident at the commemorations held at Windsor on February 27, a year after the death of Constantine the Great. In terms of the number of victims, Queen Camilla and the controversial Prince Andrew have allegations of sexual abuse against minors in connection with the case of Jeffrey Epstein, who represented the royal family.

However, after a month of 13 public events, the weight of the crown was too much for Camilla, who requested a week off due to stress.

The situation led to various official events, including the Commonwealth's recent anniversary, being dulled by the absence of senior representatives of royalty.

In the early 1970s, Queen Victoria was rarely seen in public as she mourned the death of Prince Albert, and the Prince of Wales was diagnosed with typhus.“, explains Trade Oxford University Historian Franklin Prochaska.

There are not as many members of the royal family as there were 25 years ago. Apart from the deaths of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, many members are elderly. Some still work, but the load is very different. If you were to remove two representative figures from the painting, there would undoubtedly be a greater impact”, commented Joe Little, editor of “Majesty Magazine”, a British magazine covering the activities of the planet's royal families since 1980.

-Where's Kate?-

As if being absent wasn't enough, the Royal Family is enduring a massive wave of conspiracy theories about the Princess of Wales' health.

There are no photos of Kate leaving the hospital or returning home, with a controversial picture released last Sunday showing the princess with her three children. However, after some time, the photo had to be deleted as various internet users discovered that it had been manipulated.

Later that afternoon, the princess posted a note online saying she was sorry for the confusion and had corrected it herself. However, the chain reaction has already started without stopping.

A photo of the controversy surrounding the gate and key errors that led internet users to identify it as redacted.

A photo of the controversy surrounding the gate and key errors that led internet users to identify it as redacted.

Social networks are filled with theories that suggest everything from Kate's condition to her death or that she ran away because of Guillermo's infidelity rather than what has been made public.

Kensington's ethical silence certainly didn't help stop these rumours.

I think the royal family is not handling the situation very effectively. There should have been more information about the princess's operation. Inevitably, the lack of information creates endless speculation and tarnishes the monarchy's reputation.”, considers Prochaska.

Looking back, you could argue that the situation could have been handled better, but I think it was done with good intentions at the time. But it's clear that people should ignore these theories that she died after Christmas, or that she's in a coma. All kinds of crazy“Kuti gave advice.

As for the potential damage to the royal family's reputation, the special editor considers the death of Queen Elizabeth to be nothing more than expected.

Since the Queen died and Charles ascended the throne, before a certain respect for the late Queen occurred after her death, the Republican clamor was strong. People have less reserve now than when Amma was there to criticize the king and the establishment. It may have come across as loud these days, but no wonder. We knew it would happen when the Queen died, it wasn't something we expected.”.

Not only does this scenario coincide with Prosasca Little, but it also ensures that it does not affect the solid foundations of the British crown. “Current opinion polls are so positive about the monarchy that no serious political party dares to call for its abolition. Since losing its political power, the British monarchy has made a significant transition to social democracy by becoming deeply involved in charity and social work. This is what I called a 'welfare monarchy'. As long as the plea letters reach Buckingham Palace, I think the royal family is safe.Considers education.


“A challenge to the Royal Family and their teams”, Joe Little*

It is very difficult to please everyone in such a situation. King Charles III is the head of the country and inspires great interest in everything he does, and Buckingham Palace has a responsibility to inform people that the King is ill. However, even though he is the king, he still maintains the right to a certain degree of privacy. That's why, for example, we know he's facing cancer, but we don't know the specific type of cancer.

People will argue that we should tell these details, but when her grandfather George VI had cancer in the early 1950s they didn't even tell his family, let alone the British public. So we can say that transparency has improved significantly, but for some it will never be satisfactory.

In contrast, the monarch in Norway has been ill recently and was released from hospital only last Thursday. The monarch fell ill while on holiday in Malaysia and was airlifted to a local hospital by the Norwegian Air Force before being flown back to his homeland. Already in his country he was subjected to another procedure and was given a lot of information by the court almost daily.

But Buckingham Palace doesn't believe it should. They don't provide running feedback and only issue updates when they feel it's appropriate to do so.

This moment is a challenge not only for the royal family but also for their teams as we face a practically unique situation. I don't remember anything like this happening in recent years.

*Joe Little has been editor of Majesty magazine since 1999.

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