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An image of Catherine, Princess of Wales, seated with her three children, broadcast by Kensington Palace on Mother's Day in the United Kingdom, was digitally manipulated, confirmed by herself and confirmed by photographic analysis.

This Sunday at Kensington Palace, Residence Princes of Walesshared the first official picture of Catalina She has been incarcerated since last January A function, for unspecified reasonsIt has kept her away from public life.

WATCH: Princess Catherine's new official photo manipulation

Snapshot, in which The princess appears with her three childrenSpread through official profiles on social networks Princes of Wales with the following message: “Thank you for your kind wishes and continued support over the past two months. Happy Mother's Day to all. C.”

Four international news agencies have removed from their services a photo of Catherine, Princess of Wales, with her children that they broadcast on Sunday for digital manipulation. (Photo: EFE).

There is a lack of information and explanations about the princess's condition Catalina After his surgical intervention, and During these two months he was not in publichas been due to There are many speculations and speculations on social media about his health.

Facts: The picture Catalina with his three children Digitally processed, As the Princess of Wales confirmed in a statement this Monday And prove the separate analysis of the aforementioned photo by EFE Verifica and the graphics team of EFE Agency.

The Princess of Wales apologized for the “confusion” this Monday Then, she said, she recovered a family photo taken by her husband William, which was released by Kensington Palace almost two months ago after his stomach surgery.

“Like many amateur photographers, I occasionally experiment with (photo) editing.”He said through the account Princes of Wales On social network X.

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According to Royal House sources, Catalina did “little touch-ups” in a photo taken by Guillermo earlier last week. At his residence in Windsor (about 40 kilometers from London), in which the Princess of Vale She sits outside surrounded by her three children, who stand side by side.

Manipulative symptoms

According to the graphics team of the EFE agency, The film shows many signs of digital transformation. So, it can be verified The left sleeve of Princess Charlotte's sweater is blurred and unnatural relative to her arm., which is slightly displaced with respect to the sleeve. The cut of her skirt didn't match the finish of the sweater.

Additionally, Catalina's right hand seems out of focus. This could be explained by a spontaneous movement, but given the lighting conditions of that outdoor space, they seem to rule out this possibility, taking into account that the remaining elements are in focus.

Another detail that demonstrates the manipulation of Photography That is the truth The left part of the Princess of Wales's hair looks out of focusWhile the rest of her hair looks sharper, it can be seen by increasing the brightness of the image.

It is also confirmed by this technique There is a cut line at chest height And? The zipper on his jacket lacks continuityInclude the agency's experts.

Also, according to an analysis carried out by MeVer (Media Verification), a Greek research group's analysis tool There is a 78% chance that the image will be manipulated.

This application detects traces left in an image by JPEG compression (the most widely used standard in digital photography).

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Its algorithm identifies Inserting one image over the other is based on the discrepancy between the abstract histories of the two imagesinterpreted by MeVer to facilitate the interpretation of its results.

On the other hand, a study conducted with the application of IVERES artificial intelligence – a project jointly directed by RTVE and the Autonomous University of Barcelona to detect disinformation and manipulated images – indicates There is a greater than 70% chance that the image has been digitally altered.

News organizations are removing the photo

The EFE agency, which published the image this Sunday, decided to inform its clients of the situation after verifying that the photo showed signs of manipulation, while several international graphic agencies withdrew it from their services.

therefore, Digitally manipulated photo officially released by Kensington PalaceA careful analysis of the image proved it and was approved by Princess Catherine, who assured her that it was she who edited the image.

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