Key Partners for Biodiversity Conservation

Key Partners for Biodiversity Conservation

Incorporating drones into the mission’s environment ministry’s conservation and control work demonstrates the province’s commitment to protecting its rich biodiversity..

By Jose Gonzalez

In his effort Conservation and protection of the great biodiversity of the provinceThe Ministry of Ecology of Missions has innovative tools: High-tech drones. These are unmanned devices Basic allies For control and supervision of forest areas and protected natural areas (ANP).

Head of Department of Ecological Forest Control, Flavio Acostahighlighted Role of this technology and its impact on conservation of natural resources. “We have two drones with a 4K camera, a good height of up to 500 meters and a range of 8 kilometers. For example, “They can be used for forest land to illegally cut down trees.”explained

Drones provide the ministry with a critical advantage by providing access to unreachable locations that inspectors cannot reach. “It enables us to see places that would otherwise be unreachable.”. With drones, we can see if any illegal activity is happening in a particular place,” he stressed.

Drones are capable Measure the surfaces of trees and cleared areas. This feature makes it easy to detect forest fires or changes in land use.

For example, in the latter case, they can use a drone to survey the area. “After this observation, we go to a geographic information system and determine how many areas a rub corresponds to..

Another notable feature Capacity of forests to manage forest inventory. “With an airplane, we can see the tree species and how many trees there are in a certain area,” said Flavio Acosta.

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Traveling kilometers is another advantage. Drones make it possible to cover large areas in record time. This is an important factor, for example, where it is possible to detect illegal logging. In this hypothetical case, “we can put together the drone’s flight plan and check whether or not illegal extraction, land use change or illegal landing is occurring.”

George PonderThe Organization of Protected Natural Areas (ANP) under the Ministry of Environment, Missions leads the Park Ranger Corps. The ANP system also benefits from drone technology Monitor and protect natural areas.

“The Ministry of Environment provided units to the ANP system, distributed through zones. “These units are ready to fight forest fires and monitor rivers during maritime patrols.”explained in conversation with

In maritime patrolling, drones act as surveillance. permission Patrols provide valuable information to operate safely and efficiently.

Pandar emphasized the importance of this technology in the day-to-day work of park rangers. “We have been working with this tool for a year. He adapted well to the day-to-day work of a park ranger.. This will greatly enhance work in the region,” he assured.

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