La Molina: Criminals who attacked the daughter of César Acuña and stole 150 thousand dollars from her house | Police Latest | lime

Amidst the wave of insecurity Peru is experiencing, Kelly Acuna, daughter of a regional governor and education trader Cesar Aguna A victim attack Inside his house located in La Molina district. According to his police report, the thieves took about $150,000 from him.

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A complaint of assault was filed at the Santa Felicia Police Station, which was later transferred. Drinkery, as reported by La República. The daughter of the regional governor of La Libertad was inside the house when the thieves broke in and committed the robbery. Fortunately, they did not physically attack anyone present.

According to the police report, the attack took place between 02:00 am and 04:00 am when Kelly Acuna and her minor children were sleeping.

Although the criminals ransacked drawers and cupboards to steal valuables, there was no confrontation as none of the family members woke up. Till date, the identity of the culprits is still unknown.

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