Learn about the fascinating career of one of Steve Palau: The Great Celebrity Chef's favorite contestants here

Steve Balao He came to the kitchenThe Great Celebrity Chef X2” with his son Austin. Both set their sights on winning the long-awaited pot of gold. Also, throughout the episodes, the father of the family has earned the affection of the public.

Thanks to his charm and his jokes, Steve Balao managed to penetrate the hearts of the 'chefchitos' and become one of the favorites of the new season. But what does Austin Paul's father do in his daily life”The Great Celebrity Chef“?

As he shared through his social media, Steve Balao es Mixed Arts PractitionerEspecially since Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. Also, Palau is the patriarch of the family Member of the Peruvian Judo Sports Federation (FDPJ)..

Even in one chapter”The Great Celebrity Chef X2“, Steve Balao He was encouraged to show his knowledge in judo with the support of the driver José Pelés.

Where to watch all episodes of “The Great Famous Chef X2”?

Latin! All episodes of “The Great Famous Chef” are available on our YouTube channel. Latin Television. You can also watch it through the Latina Play web portal and the Latina app for mobile devices.

What couples were eliminated from “The Great Celebrity Chef X2”?

The first duo eliminated from “El Gran Chef Famousos X2” was created by sisters Josette and Genesis Hurtado. In their place, Patricio Suárez-Vértiz and Arturo Pomar Jr. entered, however, both former members of Arena Hash had to leave the project and were replaced by brothers Carolina and Alonso Cano. Meanwhile, on the following elimination night, the Canos exited the tournament and were replaced by Luigui Carbajal and Ricky Treviso.

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