Ligue 1 2024: Universitario, Alianza Lima or Sporting Cristal, which team will come out on top at the start of the tournament? | Survey | RMMD EMCC | Soccer-Peruvian

Ligue 1 2024: Universitario, Alianza Lima or Sporting Cristal, which team will come out on top at the start of the tournament?  |  Survey |  RMMD EMCC |  Soccer-Peruvian
Diego Repagliatti, Commentator for Moviestar Deportes “I wouldn't dare to say who is the best, if we are basically talking about Alianza, 'U' and Cristal, I think they all have reasons to be confident, I think they have made good reinforcements, Universitario is the one that needs to be reinforced. At least it needs to be reinforced because it is a good one. Came with the platform, and despite not winning the season, it looks like a very talented, very cohesive team, Alianza has changed a lot and has very good players. I'll put it down a bit, but Alianza is a very difficult team to score against, it's a team that keeps a clean sheet. , I think Barcos has the personal ability to think it's going. Start well. Had a very good debut against Cristal Católica, then played against a tough opponent like Barcelona, ​​played almost the whole game with 10 men, so I think all three are doing well, I wouldn't put any of them above the others. I won't dare. “ “I think every team has done a good job and I think 'Conchita' Gonzalez is a great hire for the 'Us. [Sebastián] Rodriguez is Alianza's best employee. In Crystal's case, I think the best deal, the best thing Crystal could have done was to not sell Grimaldo Carlos Orejuela, former soccer player Against Barcelona I saw a bit of Cristal, but the field didn't help, and with a lesser player, against Católica he had a good game, very intense. At 'U', I watched two of their three games and I watched them well, they test people in midfield with many variations and if they are strong, they will have many chances to fight for the title. I saw Alianza well, intensity, they are a strong team in attack. Even though 'U' and Alianza are equal, 'U' has a bit of an advantage because it's the same team from last year and already has a way of playing, they just combine people according to the system, Alianza has it all new. What's worse is that all three have new coaches and no matter how bad or good they bring in players, it's difficult to start the championship with a new coach because the games and dates are fast.” “For me, Kevin Cerna in Alianza is the best between Concha and Conchita from 'U'. There's also Sebastian Rodriguez. But the one who convinced me the most is Kevin Cerna” Winston Reitegui is a former referee and commentator for Liga 1 Max “The Universitario de Deportes have maintained the basic team from last year and added key players, Jairo Canza, Christopher Gonzalez, key players in the midfield. The 'U' have a core squad, there's no denying that, and with these additions looking good, I think they're the best at this start of Ligue 1, and then the results will tell.” “Forward Martin Cutruccio, because of his background, because of the type of game he plays, because he comes from an important league, it seems to me that this is the star signing right now in Peruvian football. Logically, you should see him on the field, but before starting and looking at the background, he is the best signing. I think so. German Leguia, former sports manager and ex-footballer “It's not because I'm a 'U's fan, but I think he's a varsity player, he's in a good mood, he's armed, and I saw him play in Miami the other day, and when I was there, I went. Noach Crema, and he's testing the players. comes on, but I think he's doing well. Others have changed a lot of players, in the case of Alianza and Cristal they've changed a lot of players, so that costs them initially. “For me, Kanza is the best signing, he is a good player. I saw him come in that day, I saw him well and I think he will settle in well at 'U', his soccer universitario. Since Kansa was in the league, he was a two-time champion, finishing 10th in the Alianza. It was a good decision to bring him in.” Carlos Univaso, sports journalist “I believe 'U' and Alianza are very evenly matched and are the main candidates. Especially in a year like this where one is looking for a century and the other is looking for a 'centenary'. I think the others are lower in the fray. I see 'U' as one of the two main candidates. And almost the entire team. The replaced Alianza also have a team to fight for the title here, I don't think either of them will do much in the cup. They are ready to beat each other, they are not ready for the Copa Libertadores. Friendly is not important, last year, they drew with 'U' Aucas in 'Noche Crema' and ended up as champions. “Friendlies are just that, they are low-intensity matches, there are a lot of changes, there are rehearsals. If you read the friendlies of the three teams, you say Alianza won one, Cristal won one, but 'U' is the only one undefeated in the three. I think the three were friends.” “By name, it could be former Penarol midfielder Sebastian Rodríguez. Validly, the 'U's' goalkeeper Sebastian Britos, because he was a champion in Uruguay. Those are two very important signings, and I would also add Cauteruccio, a signing who has been a scorer at Independiente. In terms of scale, I think the most popular is Cansa à la 'U'. Vicente Cisneros, GOLPERU commentator “Alliance is the best team at the start of the match. The team has changed a lot, but it is very complete in numbers and names. He has '11' and the bench. They have built a team where they have prioritized players with fast fibers. This is a very physical team. Second Melkar, they have maintained their team, model and style of play despite the change of coach. The third is 'u'. I'm happy with the midrange setup with Ureña, Concha and 'Cancha', but still see functional issues. The fourth crystal. His starting number 11 is exciting, but I feel he has no bench.” “The best reinforcements are Capellos and Cerna at Alianza; at 'U', 'Cancha' and Concha. I'd like 'Concha' back though. He's a national team player. “It's going to be very unbalanced.” Orlando Lavalle, coach “Taking everything seen from a perspective, I believe that the Universitario has maintained a line with Fossati as its matrix. Alianza is changing a new direction and Cristal already has an established platform. So I think Cristal's basis has given more coherence to the structure of the game. Obviously this can change, football changes. , circumstances change, but in my humble opinion, I find Crystal more coherent, because it already has the effect of many footballers. For me, what matters is what the team can give, and I see that the team is already very cohesive at Sporting Crystal. Obviously, it is difficult for everyone. There will be, because they're coming off the season and everything.” “It's not that I'm a nationalist, but I see that the goalkeeper from Universitario has come with a very important record, there are also some footballers in Alianza Lima, but we have to be an analyst of the good things that we have. , I think that the matter of Kevin Serna will be important within the alliance situation. Serna is very important. And I think he's showing it already. Claudio Tesera, coach “Universitario, Alianza Lima and Cristal all share the same because they have changed coaches. When they change coaches, it has nothing to do with whether they have a core team because every coach plays differently and needs to know his team. So when we come to a team we create the team that suits us and start fresh. If one of the coaches had followed, one team might have had an advantage, but this way all three start with the same odds. “The big three brought good players and the three Uruguayans who made it into the big three were very good. We will have to see later if they are fit for the competition because it is a very complicated competition, it is not easy, where you play in the heat, at altitude, and the football played here is completely different from where they come from, which is Uruguay. We'll see how they adapt, but they're very good, with Cadaruccio, Sebastian Rodriguez and the goalkeeper Britos who brought the 'U'.” Eduardo Flores, director of Doc Fino “The best club for me is Cristal. First of all, I think Anderson Moreira can attract attention in that regard because there is a philosophy behind a Brazilian coach who has obviously done well in Brazil. The arrival of Cauteruccio is also very good, we see a great player from Independiente de Avellaneda coming to the Peruvian League. It's been a long time, it's not very common, it's in Cristal's favor, which adds to the fact that “Grimaldo, a player who still has a lot to give to the team in both Ligue 1 and the Copa Libertadores,” doesn't sell. “Each club has one or two famous people, which has helped generate a lot of interest from the press and fans and come to the presentations obviously to see their first games, and I think the 'U' has an extra flavor, mainly in the case of Christopher Gonzalez. Because? As it turns out, that first love story telling is unforgettable, and 'Oreja' Flores, Andy Polo and Christofer Gonzáles rejoin the 'U', all of whom are champions. Well, let's not forget the graphics 'U' did after Christopher's return, I think obviously 'U' is going to continue that, you should get more.
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