Ligue 1: 5 most controversial cases of match-fixing for sports betting in Peru

We remember 5 controversial cases related to match-fixing in Peru following Las Sangas' claims of illegal activities by their players.

5 Match-Fixing Cases in Peruvian Soccer's Ligue 1 | Libero composition

Los Angeles' powerful report on alleged match-fixing has caused a stir. Liga 1 2024. After the 1-0 defeat against Atlético de Gra, the Antahuelas board made harsh accusations against its players.

Amidst this troubling situation for national football, we remember 5 cases The first division of Peruvian football was quite remarkable In relation to sports betting.

UTC players found in sports betting house

This event happened In 2019, there was a fight between Pirata FC vs UTC. The home team lost in the first half, but then they made an extraordinary comeback. Not only did the images capture the behavior of some players on the field, it was later discovered that soccer players such as Jarlin Quintero and David Diaz entered a sports betting house.

Mario Tajima revealed that Kantolau split the players

After seeing Kantolau lose the category in 2023, Mario Tajima took the stage and revealed that many first team players had been singled out for racing. The footballer pointed out that there is a “mafia” behind these actions, which harms Peruvian football.

“It's everyone's. In Peruvian football it's been known for a long time as a mafia, it's not to point, allow or mention my names, but it's time for a change. I hope it doesn't happen to us. “It happened in Bolivia. It's not just the players. People from other places are also responsible.”Announced by Mario Tajima.

Víctor Rosell mentions Municipal and Cantolau players

In 2023, ex-player Victor Rosell pointed out that Municipal and Cantolao should be demoted because many players saw the game racing.. Likewise, he also revealed that they broke up after the discovery.

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“Municipal and Cantola can go down, but not because of the players. Those two teams have to go down, it's that simple. They started bad and got worse. Extra sports things happened, they separated players, not even lack of discipline, but extra sports themes in 'Muni' and Cantola.”Rosell announced in the program ” Quiero Fútbol “.

8 Binational players were split

By 2022, Brandon Palacios revealed that 8 binational players have been cut from the first team After engaging in sports betting. The footballer was cautious in his statements, indicating that he was waiting for evidence to incriminate his teammates.

“It's a delicate issue because they say they have people involved in gambling, people I know very well and respect very much, I don't believe they are involved in those things, but the president says he has evidence. They singled them out for something, and if they have it, they have to show it to them. I'm not going to believe anything until they do.”He reported for Infobae.

Roberto Silva has revealed that a footballer was threatened

President of SAFAF, Roberto Silva is not keeping quiet about the events taking place in Peruvian football. He also said he hit a football player with a club with a gun in his hand to get him to back off.

“The same protagonists we have a case that they did not dare to report. A club took a player to a predetermined place and put a gun in his leg to retreat. It happened in our football. “A super complicated issue. It's a very serious thing when you get to this point.”Roberto Silva announced Luis Carrillo Pinto's project.

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In your hands!

League 1's Integrity and Ethics Management had a blatant case of match-fixing in the 2023 tournament. The player concerned was called to give his evidence and admitted that he acted on the field as a result of a bet. In addition to the affidavit, there was proof that the place where the bet was purchased was identified, a statement from SAFAP and that the betting house did not pay the prize.

However, the case was dismissed by League 1, who did not pursue an investigation. There has been no official statement from the Integrity and Ethics Administration despite the scandalous situation.

Game arrangements in League 2

Referee Miguel Santivañez was suspended

Of the 5 cases mentioned, one of the cases that got the most coverage in the local press was acting. Referee Miguel Santivañez was condemned by Sport Chavelines president Jean Acevedo.After receiving evidence that he wanted to help Alianza Atlético in their fight for promotion.

Alfonso Ugarte ouster in 2023

Alfonso Ugarte was dismissed for non-payment after 2 walk overs in 2023. Charges against players who fix matches, i.e. corners, red cards and other methods in sports betting, with the intention of making some money when they don't pay.

Ryan Salazar is suspended for two years

In 2017, Ryan Salazar has been suspended from all football-related activities for two years. The then union hurler player suffered this punishment from the ADFP-SD for not knowing that he didn't have to get paid to “get ahead”.

“He who does good and harms Peruvian football, we are going to appeal to the president of Hural and it will be resolved for the good of me and my family”Ryan Salazar announced to Ovación at the time.

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