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sure, Lima Alliance Earlier he suffered greatly to fulfill his vow Municipal game. For example, ‘Academia’ opened with a goal from Christopher Olivares; Then ‘Chicho’ Salas found composure thanks to Carlos Zambrano’s double; However, discomfort set in for Angel Comiso’s side as a second goal for the Victorians came in an advanced position. With this panorama, the technical assistant of the mayoral committee, Horacio Melgarejo, and five other members of the first committee came forward in a press conference.

Horace Melgarejo He came out on behalf of Comizzo and pointed to the important role played by judge Edwin Ordóñez in the Alejandro Villanueva stadium. “They scored a clear offside goal for Alianza. I don’t know if the gentleman is going to sleep in peace. Beyond that Alianza don’t need the help of the referees to win, they needed it today (Monday), the approach we worked on during the week and because a man comes and puts his hand in your pocket…”, he said in a press conference.

This group is together. We have come to do everything we can to help Peruvian football, because I believe that the incompetence of our managers means that they accept our schedule, changing the day and putting in a man who dressed two or three years ago. A football jersey lima alliance. I think in any normal club, if pressured by a weighty competitor, they should at least consult the coaches before accepting the proposal.“, shooting.

Nevertheless, he highlighted the work of the players and “Beyond the 30 lions we have, there are times when you need to take advantage of other things. We are not crying, we are not like that, but the way to help Peru football is from the penalty kick to the opponent who came here last Thursday, to the whistle to the same club and the controversial dramas. Ultimately, it reflects when they meet the international jury; I invite you to try to change everything around the FPF and Peruvian football”.

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Finally, Melgarejo Williams mentioned the dismissal of Guzmán and how they had to face the game with one less man on the pitch. “The team was perfect, they worked well, everyone did what they had to do and we knew we were up against a big competitor. But when you play one less, in this case we were 12 against 10, it’s complicated, it’s hard to play one less anywhere in the world.”, he concluded.

Municipal game He is 11th on the points list (with 18 points in 14 responsibilities). Their next game is scheduled for this Sunday, May 21, against Sport Huancayo, the sixteenth day of the Apertura. The clash kicks off at 3:00pm at the Ivan Elias Moreno Stadium in Villa El Salvador. The transmission will be the responsibility of Liga 1 MAX and can be viewed on the DGO streaming platform.

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