Lima Anniversary: ​​Rafael López Aliaga will hold a referendum to condemn corruption cases | MML Govt Peru

Mayor of Lima, Rafael Lopez Aliaga, presided over a ceremony as part of the ritual activities for the city's 489-year anniversary. During his speech, he promised that the municipal administration would invite people to participate Referendum Cases of corruption should be condemned.

Along these lines, he pointed out by collecting more 70 thousand signatures It required that Congress convene and impose life imprisonment on any state official involved in corrupt affairs.

“While we have put forward some proposals, I have recommended to several councilors that we hold a national referendum. Congress All corrupt officials will be given life imprisonment. Starting with this poll, the people are going to decide. Collects 70,000 signatures“This proposal will go to Congress so that every official, even the mayor of Lima, who touches government money, will go to prison for life,” he said.


“If we do not solve the problem of corruption, no one will solve it. First of all, corruption is zero,” he explained during his speech before the President's remarks. In Boluarte.

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Lima is a world power

He Mayor of LimaHe assured us that he has not lost hope and that we should be optimistic about how we see the city as he believes that the capital can become a world power.

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“We are going to become a world power. You must have a very high vision. The world power is not anemic, it has perfect security, it has water, and there are plenty of cameras monitoring the city. A world power has the infrastructure, but a year ago this municipality had a cash problem of less than S/ 300 million. There were substantial savings in our country, but they are disappearing due to corrupt officials of regional governors, mayors, officials, etc.,” he said.

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