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Holy Week ends with Easter Sunday. Photo: Kevinn García/Rosa Quincho/La República

Holy Week 2024 began in Peru this Thursday, March 28. On this date, many citizens visit churches with their palm fronds to begin the week commemorating the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Also, considering the long holiday announced by the government, many people are traveling and visiting their family and friends. Check all details about church tours, road restrictions, banking hours and more.

Holy Week 2024 Live: Church tours, restrictions and alternatives for holidays

Easter 2024: Time for supermarket opening


This well-known hypermarket chain opens its doors in all its establishments from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.


Metro, one of the most popular supermarket chains in the country and owned by Cencosud, usually operates from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. However, it should be noted that these hours may vary depending on the region. .

Check out the Plaza

Like Metro, the Plaza Vea supermarket will continue to serve the public during its regular hours from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, giving its customers the opportunity to stock up on essentials for Holy Week 2024.


Wong Supermarket, owned by Cencosud, will also maintain its regular hours during Holy Week 2024. As such, it will open its doors from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Holy Week 2024: This is how the recreation of the Via Crucis was in Lima.

Dozens of people accompanied a Peruvian actor who recreated the Via Crucis in Lima during Holy Thursday afternoon.

Video: Kevin Garcia/LR

Through the cross at Cerro El Pino: Who was the actor who represented it?

Rafael Rivera has been representing the Way of the Cross of Jesus for more than 30 years with his theater group. Ask that you never lose hope and come closer to God. Photo: Kevin García/La República

What do the days of Holy Week mean?

For each day, below we explain what each day that makes up Holy Week means:

Holy Thursday: The Eucharistic institution is celebrated during the Last Supper.

Good Friday: Jesus' crucifixion is commemorated.

Holy Saturday: It was Mary's day of solitude.

Holy Sunday: It was Easter Sunday.

Holy Week 2024: What is the origin of processions and the use of images?

Processions have their roots in the tradition of public veneration of certain gods or saints, adopted by early Christians.

Sculptures and sculptures, especially the moments of Christ's passion, helped to explain biblical chapters to the originally illiterate.

What are the main celebrations of Holy Week 2024?

Holy Week 2024 includes major celebrations such as Palm Sunday, which commemorates Jesus' visit to Jerusalem; Holy Thursday, which commemorates the Last Supper and the washing of the feet; Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus; and ends with the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday night celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus.

Photo: La República/Andina compound

Holy Thursday: What is the Christmas Mass?

The Christmas Mass expresses the communion between the bishop and the priests of the diocese, is celebrated on Holy Thursday and during the consecration of the new oil for Holy Christmas and Holy Works during Holy Week.

Photo: La República/Andina compound

Busy beaches for Easter

During the long Easter holiday, hundreds of citizens choose to visit the beaches of Lima with their family, partner and friends. The most popular of them are:

– Makaha in Miraflores

– Fresh water at Chorrillos

– Umbrellas in Barranco

– Ambassadors of Santa Maria del Mar

What is the 'City of Hope' and where is it?

During this Holy Week, the City of Faith prepares to receive more than 200,000 visitors. This is Otusco in the La Libertad area. As the sanctuary of the Immaculate Virgin of Door is located in this place, during Good Friday a live procession through the cross takes place, i.e. the path of Christ's passion.

Churches in Peru declared cultural heritage

About 806 churches in Peru have been declared cultural heritage of the nation. Among them: San Lucas de Colón in Piura, San Abdonia de Abat in Arequipa, Santiago Apostol de Lunahuana in Conate, San Benedicto de Tarata in Dagna, etc.

Long queues to enter churches

Churches in the center of Lima are very busy this Holy Week 2024. Hence, long queues have been recorded outside religious places of worship. Devotees join their families, partners and even their pets to participate in the Holy Thursday festival.

Photo: Rosa Quinzo/La Repubblica

Believers flock to the San Francisco church

The faithful came from Manche to the historic center of Lima to pay tribute to San Judas Tadeo within the framework of the Holy Week celebration. The Alja Garcia family expressed their requests for this Holy Thursday: “The most important thing, health.” Likewise, they walk the streets of Lima with a statue of the saint.

Video: Rosa Quinzo/La Repubblica

Believers make it through the cross on Mount El Pino

On this morning of Holy Thursday, the faithful join the Via Crucis on Mount El Pino in La Victoria. Dozens of believers participate in the dramatization of the Passion of Christ, for which 14 stops have been established for the first time in the district.

Video: Kevin García/La República

Lima Cathedral offers live mass

Lima Cathedral offers mass for Holy Week this Holy Thursday. Religious rites are followed in person and for believers who are virtually unable to attend.

What days do you fast for Easter?

According to the Catholic Church, the main day of fasting is Ash Wednesday, which marks the accompaniment of Christ's penance during Lent.

A tour of 7 churches begins for Holy Week

The faithful began a tour of seven churches for Holy Week. However, there are 10 of them which cannot be visited as they are not relevant. Some of them are: La Veracruz Church, Our Lady of the Miracle, San Agustin, Jesus the Redeemer Church, Our Lady of Good Death, Immaculate Conception, Santo Cristo, Santissima Trinidad, Santiago Apostle, etc.

Photo: Rosa Quinzo/La Repubblica

Chaos in Panamericana Sur during Holy Week

Due to Holy Week, residents traveling south of Lima report that tickets to places such as Mala in Canate have doubled. Likewise, there are long queues at the Atocongo bus stop in front of Mall del Sur.

Photo: Rosario Rojas/La Republica

On which days should you not eat meat during Easter?

According to Christian tradition, the days when believers are forbidden to eat meat are Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

Places to visit during Holy Week

For this long holiday in Peru for Holy Week, many citizens prepare to visit tourist attractions in the Lima region and other sectors. Tourist attractions near the capital include:

– Cerro Azul and Puerto Viejo or Lunahuana beaches in Cañete

– Islands in Ica, Balestas Islands as part of the National Reserve of the Islands and Puntas Cuneras System

– Rosa and La Mina beaches, as well as Huacachina Lagoon in Ica

– Sacred City Coral and El Colorado Beach in Huacho

– The real Felipe Castle in Gallo

When is Easter 2024?

Holy Week in Peru begins on Palm Sunday, March 24, and continues until the following Sunday, the 31st, Easter Day or Resurrection Sunday. However, two dates form important days of religious celebration, which are Holy Thursday and Friday, March 28 and 29 for this year 2024.

Holy Week: What Masses Will Be Held in Lima?

On Palm Sunday, March 24, ThHoly Mass at Lima Cathedral, this Thursday, March 28, Christmas Mass will be held at the Cathedral starting at 10:00 am; Likewise, at 6:00 PM, the Lord's Supper will be held at the same venue. On Good Friday, March 29, a sermon of the 7 words and Holy Office will be organized at the Sanctuary of Las Nazarenas from noon, and the Office of the Passion will be offered in the same church beginning at 1.30 p.m.

On Saturday, March 30, the Easter Vigil will take place at the Lima Cathedral at 8:00 p.m., and finally, on Sunday, March 31, Easter Mass From 11.00 am onwards

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