Los Olivos: Man arrested for assaulting bus conductor and threatening to kill night watchman

Meaning, identity Jean Pierre Tears CoteraWhen he was intervened by Serenasco T, took a sharp object Olives. He is believed to have acted under the influence of intoxicants.

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Los Olivos: Man arrested for assaulting bus conductor and threatening night watchman | Source: RPP

A peace agent Olive trees Under the influence of poisonous substances, he was threatened with murder with a sharp object by a person with limited life expectancy.

The incident occurred near Avenida Universitaria along Avenida Antunez de Mayolo in the aforementioned district. Minutes after being threatened, the night watchman called the monitoring center for help.

The subject, identified as Jean Pierre Izaziga Cotera, carried a black backpack where he kept a sharp object, a remote control and a bottle of water.

He assaulted the bus controller

The attacker didn’t just threaten Serenade staff Olive treesBut rushed forward and hit a man in the face who was working as a bus controller in the area.

After the attack, the man tried to get on a bus that ran down Avenida Universitaria, but they wouldn’t let him on. Later, he tried to flee by trying to board another public transport bus. However, Serenasco staff managed to narrow it down.

Jean Isacica was laid face down on the pavement and transferred to the Serenasco ward. Sol de Oro PNP Police Station For related activities.

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