Magali Medina explains argument in case against Jefferson Farban: “We were never notified”

Magali Medina spoke after Jefferson Farban’s statement.

Magali Medina Pronounced after the publication of the detailed report Jefferson Farfan on their social networks. As recalled, the former footballer pointed out that the entertainment journalist’s right to defense was never violated and, in fact, despite being notified before the court, his legal team delayed the presentation of their allegations in order to prolong the process.

In an interview with Drome newspaper, Magali Medina He questioned the former Alianza Lima player for his staunch defense ROSARIO MIDAC BARRAJudge 38th Criminal Liquidation Court of Limahere’MagpieHe will be reprimanded before the Office of the Comptroller of Magistrates (OCMA) for not allowing him to properly defend himself at trial.

“Jefferson Farfan is not only a retired football player, he graduated as a lawyer and I realized that not only a lawyer, but now he will be a judge. He is speaking as the owner and master of the office of the judge handling this case,” said the ATV personality.

Magali Madina’s sentence reading will be held this Tuesday, May 30. (ATV)

behind, Magali Medina He denied the former athlete, who assured that the TV presenter did not present his allegations in time due to “irresponsibility, negligence or delay strategy”. As he explained, she was never notified that she had to do it.

“He said my attorney fell asleep, not because he never notified us that this wasn’t the case. This type of summary hearing has special regulations where if the judge has files from both parties, he puts them in a file available to the attorneys and notifies them; however this woman skipped that part. Not only that, but this has happened to my lawyer in all the cases he handles. Rodrigo Gonzalez”, he mentioned.

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“What’s happening is she’s presenting a lawyer’s communication in her favor Farfan “Four years have already passed and there should be a sentencing date.” In other words, they give him a conviction date because Sir, you are already bored with four years of investigationBut it infringes on my right to self-defence,” he added.

Jefferson Farfan talks about his legal battle with Magali Medina.

In his statement, Magali Medina He made it clear that he did not question the actions of the Peruvian justice, as he pointed out, “the medicine for his crime”. Jefferson Farfan. He promised that he would only follow the terms of the judicial process because he had previously been jailed for not doing so. Paul Guerrero.

“It’s not because I’m scared or running from prison. I run from injustices. They wronged me once and I will not let them do it again. It’s not that we’re careless here, the lesson of carelessness I learned when I went to prison, and I’m concerned that my defense is respected, as is my lawyer, Ivan Paredes, who has extensive experience in these cases. said..

Magali Medina spent 76 days in jail for defaming soccer player Paolo Guerrero.

In October 2008, ‘Magali TV CompanyPaolo Guerrerio was transferred to the Santa Monica jail for defamation. The footballer proved with evidence that he did not stay until 2:00 a.m. in the streets of Fiorella Chiricchino, as the entertainment journalist said in his then magazine ‘Magali TV’.

This fact is marked ‘Magpie‘ Forever: “Here is not the same Magali. Jail means any human being. It will mark me forever till the end of my days”, his words when he was released from jail and returned as anchor of ‘Maghali TV’.

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In 2019, Jefferson Farfan Sued Magali Medina, after the journalist aired pictures of a meeting the then-footballer held at his Miraflores apartment. There he was seen nearby Yahaira PlacenciaThe TV host said that they reconciled for that.

The report sparked outrage.Fogita‘, who decided to initiate a case against Magali MedinaHis research team assures him that he has been violated Right to privacy While using a drone to record the interior of his home.

Jefferson Farfan sued Magali Medina for recording a party with Yahaira Placencia.

It is known that the reading of this sentence will be decreed on Tuesday, May 30. It has been revealed that Jefferson FarfanHe and Magali Medina They were notified on April 4 that this momentous moment would arrive. However, the issuer’Magali TV CompanyShe feels that this is unfair as she has no chance to defend herself in any legal process.

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