Magali Medina reveals that Julian Zucchi urged his reporter to resign from the project: “It ate his brain”

Magali Medina reveals that Julian Zucchi asked his reporter to resign from the show. (Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

In the latest edition of his show 'Magali TV, Law Firm'This March 18th, host Magali Medina He released shocking information about the working conditions of the journalist Priscilla MateoHe will be pressured by his partner Julian Zucchi He had to quit his job in the ATV TV show.

All this, after the host showed some pictures of Priscilla entering and exiting Zuchi's apartment early in the morning. “I have a woman conflicted because Julian Zucchi has asked her to resign, what is she going to do with her job?” he commented Magali, Makes clear his concern for the interlocutor.

In response to this situation, the host conveyed a deeply sensitive message to the reporter, highlighting the importance of dreams and stressing that no one should sacrifice what they love most in life because of someone else's influence.

(Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

“No one has the right to give up what they want most in life for a man. She is a single mother with a child to support and she has to think about that. The program's doors are open to the underprivileged. “It ate his brain…” he reflected. Magali.

Also, he expressed his anger at the situation and criticized the approach Julian ZucchiShe points out that she doesn't know how to handle her emotions and that it's unfortunate that Priscilla is the victim of this situation.

“What changes my guts is that this girl is being victimized by this guy He doesn't know how to handle emotions“, said Medina, enraged by the Argentine singer's actions to his reporter.

(Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

Julian Zucchi He has denied the allegations of giving advice Priscilla Mateo to submit his resignation. In a recent statement, Zucchi asserted that the claim that it influenced Mateo's professional decision was completely false.

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In the context of the controversy, Julian Zucchi Noki expressed his feelings Priscilla Mateo, highlights the support and affection he received from the reporter during difficult personal moments. “Priscilla's decision about her career is hers alone and any suggestion that she influenced that decision is false.”

Priscilla Mateo was taking care of her children when she broke into the building where Julian Zucchi lived and was captured. (Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

In a recent interview on Magali Madina's show, Julian Zucchi He publicly confirmed his romance with the journalist Priscilla Mateo, after they were caught kissing in a nightclub. “She's the only girl I go out with. It's been at least a week since we said we're exclusive. I'm back to dancing, I feel very cautiously happy, I'm a forty-year-old man, I drink only very cautiously,” the singer said during the conversation.

This announcement confirms the rumors that started after the pictures Julian and Priscilla Sharing intimate moments in nightclubs. Now, the couple has decided to make their relationship public and establish that they are exclusive. It is worth noting that during the interview, the Argentinian mentioned that she has resumed her social life and is happy, although cautious due to her age and experience in love.

Julian Zucchi and Priscila Mateo are very affectionate after Yiddá Eslava apologizes. (Composite: Infobae)

Recently, Yida Slavic He used his social networks to address the journalist Priscilla Mateo, who became embroiled in controversy after being defended with Julian Zucchi. In a heartfelt and honest message, the actress clarified that she never suggested that Magali Medina's reporter was responsible for the problems in her relationship with the father of her children.

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“I decided not to talk about this matter anymore, but to apologize to Priscilla, knowing that I would be the first to blame myself and promote the fight against abuse through social networks. Let anyone know.” She entered my relationship,” Yita revealed in a video posted on her Instagram account.

The 'Yes, My Love' screenwriter and actress admitted that she sometimes fails to express her emotions adequately and noted that she was confused: “I feel it's appropriate to publicly apologize to Priscilla, and that's why I'm apologizing to you and yours. Family in all honesty. My heart”.

Likewise, Yiddá Eslava announced that she was closing this chapter in her life, highlighting the importance of letting go of difficult moments and focusing on her achievements and well-being. “This activity is completely over and you will see me smile again so my name will be next to my achievements,” the actress concluded in her message.

Yiddá Eslava did a mea culpa and apologized to Priscilla Mateo. Capture/Instagram

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