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The novel does not stop! More than a week after Maju Mandila’s husband’s Amboy, new signs have emerged that reveal what’s to come. In this sense, “Magali TV: La Firme” The former Miss Peru created a compilation report with interesting videos.

Trom|Preview Videos by Maju Mantila

Of course, the host of “Arriba Mi Gente” is very active in social networks, as he has been dancing alone or with Gustavo Salcedo for a long time. however, There is one detail that few have noticed.

Magali Medina agrees with Maju Mandila

As shown in the Magali Medina program, Maju Mantila would have targeted Gustavo Salcedo. She posted a TikTok where she talks about female instincts before her Amboy was known.

‚ÄúThat’s right my dear Majoo, you are absolutely right in the world. Intuition never fails”The famous Urraca revealed.

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Mariella Zanetti for Majoo to Magali: “He came out to say he was no longer an amboy, the damage was done”

Mariella Zanetti approved Maju Mandila And Magali Madina congratulated Sama that the presenter’s husband should not air the pictures of him entering a hotel with his girlfriend and that it is not a solid proof of infidelity because “everyone is writing to him.”

“That’s all I’m going to tell you I love Maju so much, until we have solid evidence, we can’t just publish a story about an economic problem without thinking about the family. I felt the arrow didn’t bind her as it was very easy for her (Maghali) to take a note of the hotel entrance whether she entered a room or not. If he doesn’t, it’s because he doesn’t, and if he doesn’t, he shouldn’t have taken those pictures at all. It was then that he came out saying that the arrow was gone and that the damage was done and that he was no longer worth it“, said Mariella, one of the participants in the third season of “Celebrity Chef”.

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