Susy Díaz tells the story of when Polo Campos took Florsita from her: “He wanted me to give him 40 thousand soles in favor” | Showbiz | programs

Suzy Diaz This Friday, Dodo visited the set of Say Philtra to talk with Kurt Villavicencio about being a mother to her only daughter. Florcita PoloThe fruit of her marriage to a famous Peruvian composer who died several years agoAugusto Polo Campos.

At one point in the conversation, Metics Once, when the blonde was working at the Cafe Teatro, the Creole came to the place and demanded that she stop working at that moment. She refuses and goes home at the end of the show, surprised to find him changing the lock on her door.

TROME – Susy Díaz gives the details of when Polo Campos took Florsita from her: “He wanted me to give him 40 thousand soles in support”

It was at that moment If Polo Campos He stayed with Florida for a long time.

Suzy Diyas said her ex-partner did not allow her to have close contact with her daughter and demanded an unbelievable amount of alimony.

“She didn’t let me see my little daughter, she wanted me to give her 40 thousand soles a month, I got a document and signed Florsita into an inheritance.Blonde detail.

However, despite the adversities she had to overcome in her life, none of them discouraged her, on the contrary, they helped her to speed up and move forward. “Life is not the color of roses, life puts stones in your path, with those stones I build a building, thanks to the stones they put in my path as I build,” commented Suzy.

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