March 2024 ADESS Online ID Counseling if Beneficiary of 1,650 Pesos Bonus | Fodder Subsidy from Superade Scheme | Social Grants Administrator | Dominican Republic

The Social Assistance Administrator He noted that starting with New fee Related to the Superate program. Check more information.

Check today if you are a beneficiary of an Alimétate grant in the Dominican Republic. | Photo: Libero Mix

payment Bono Alimentate Powered by Administrator of Social Grants (ADESS). The deposit was launched on March 15 through banking institutions registered by users. Beneficiaries are from the Superade program in the Dominican Republic.

In the Dominican Republic, funding is now available from the alimony program

Hence, from today onwards, the beneficiary families will start receiving gradually Exchange amount of RD$1,650 pesos Help them Store food, particularly in response to the difficult situation caused by Hurricane Fiona. Find out all the details below.

What is the Alimétate Grant in the Dominican Republic?

He Food plan It replaces the previous Comer Es Primero (CEP) and is designed with the objective of providing economic assistance to families who meet the needs and supplement their income to purchase essential food.

Under this new scheme, every head of an eligible family will have a Monthly Stipend One Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Pesos (RD$1650.00)It can be used in businesses affiliated with social distribution networks.

Program members have specific responsibilities related to primary health care, particularly focusing on reproductive health and child care.

ADESS Online: How do I know I am in the Aliméntate program?

You can check if you are a beneficiary of the Alimétate subsidy It is attached. Confirm today if you are part of the new Supérate program.

Beneficiaries are skilled trades people living in the provinces most affected by Cyclone Fiona.

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How do I know if I'm in the Superrate program?

to Be a part of the Superate program, your home must be assessed by the Single Beneficiary System (Siuben). If you have not yet been assessed, visit the nearest Solidarity Point in your community. Additionally, you can request a home appraisal online This link.

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