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reflect. Maria Pia Cobello and her husband Samuel Dyer They celebrated 18 years of marriage and celebrated their anniversary in China. The TV host shared some romantic photos of their dinner and a sweet message.

“18 years together my love and living a thousand adventures in these years. This time we celebrated our anniversary in China, how crazy, who would have imagined this 20 years ago When we started this story together. Today, after 3 children who are our driving force, I can only thank life for meeting us and creating this home. under control.

Maria Bia and Samuel Dyer celebrate their 18th anniversary

María Pía Copello reflects: “It is not easy to get married and start a home”

Through her Instagram stories, Maria Pia Copello shared a thoughtful message where she stressed that marriage and creating a home with a person is not a simple matter, but life is an adventure.

Likewise, the host of 'Monday Who Monday' emphasized that difficulties can be overcome better if you have the right person by your side.

“Marriage is not easy, having children is not easy, setting up a home is not easy, anyone who thinks that their life will be easy and gets married is wrong. But when the person you love and the person who loves you is by your side, everything difficult becomes wonderful. Everything you spend with the love of your life is an adventure. What would life be without adventure?Punished.

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