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On the set of the show “Send Senders”A conversation table creation between Mario Hart, Eric Elera, Maria Pia, Carlotta and Gino Aceretto. Some talked about talent in music.

In that sense, Aceretto confirmed that he is a better singer than a motorsport driver. However, she admitted that she is often asked to perform the song “I’m Not” when she attends events.

Mario Hart talks about his old music collaboration with Ferxxo

Mario claims to have “discovered” Heart Feed

Next, Mario Hart addressed everyone He asked them if they knew about Ferxxo and assured them that he was the one who invented it years ago. For that reason, we recorded the song “Disboosta”.

With this in mind, Carlotta said: “Oh, that’s your driver.”This made everyone present laugh.

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Mario Hart praises ‘Kudo’ Guadalupe’s behavior after his wife’s affair

‘Gudo’ Guadalupe After his wife and mother of his son’s affair went public, Ambey has been receiving support from various people from the local show business. Charlene Castro, leaving a hotel with another man. One of the last to show his support was Mario Hart, who had only words of praise for the former footballer for his handling of the controversy.

The husband of Korina Rivadeneira promised that God will help “Guto” to find strength in this difficult moment in which he is living. “Amazed by Guto’s exemplary behavior, for me he showed incredible heroism, taking nothing away from the fact that he is in a very difficult close moment, but as he says, God will give him the strength to go forward.” Corina highlighted Rivadeneira’s husband.

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