Mark Vito celebrated his birthday at Daisy Araujo’s house, and was delighted: “Very elaborate, I did not imagine” | Keiko Fujimori | Birthday Party | Homes in San Juan | Tik Tok Videos | programs

Links between Mark Vito Y Daisy Araujo They keep talking. This time, the now Tiktoker went to his ex Vedette’s house in San Juan de Luricancho to celebrate her birthday together.

The redhead surprised him with a pancake and grilled chicken, which Mark took as a nice gesture. In the stories on social networks, we could see how they enjoyed it with drinks in hand and loud music.

Meera: Deysi Araujo confirms flirting with Mark Vito: “He’s been sending me kisses since we met”

Then Magali’s cameras ask him about the party, in which Vito is charmed: “Very detailed, very beautiful, I never expected this, it came with chicken, cake, everything was very nice, we were happy, she is a great girl, a lot of artistic talent, but inside she is very beautiful person because of these small details that I did not imagine” , counted.

Keiko Fujimori’s ex left home at 4am. Finally, he doesn’t rule out anything about a future relationship with her, because he promises that they’re getting to know each other. As for whether they’ve already kissed, Mark said he won’t say anything, just look at their TikToks because they might be surprised.

Meanwhile, it looks like the two characters will continue to talk about whether there’s more to them than friendship.

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