“So how do you disconnect?”

model Sheila Rojas reappears for an interview with her son America today, But he didn’t expect his cocky boy to talk much. Valeria Square Scolded him for that.

Sheila Rojas gets exposed by her son, cuts off live call: “How do you cut off contact like this”

I didn’t expect that. model Sheila Rojas reappears America today Accompanied by her son Antonito, she gave an interview as a result of her relationship with Antonio Pavon. Mother’s Day. However, he didn’t imagine that in the middle of a live hookup, his arrogant little one would reveal some betrayal about what he’s really like at home.

That’s why the show decided to immediately cut the link, much to the surprise of the show’s hosts, Janet Barbosa, Ethel Bozo and Valeria Piazza. They all concluded that it was because “Shae Shae” didn’t want to reveal too much about her life as a housewife.

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It all started when Antonido surprised everyone by answering some questions about his mother. Also, the minor pointed out that her mother was not fully aware of household chores.

“The three days she’s been here I’ve seen the same bed, dog poop, and I can’t because I’ve had surgery,” he said. Between giggles, ‘Shay Shay’ tried to hide it, but she promised to cook. “No no no. I wash the dishes and cook,” he clarified.

When asked what the boy was ready to eat, he explained: “He prepares rice with eggs, milk with cereals, and today he prepares rice, chicken and mashed potatoes.” Sheila Rojas didn’t know what to do, so she didn’t say more. One minute the next minute there was a communication breakdown and everyone understood.

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“While he was saying all that, I saw that she came close and pressed something and left … Sheila, you can’t, you have to let him talk, how are you going to cut off contact,” he added.

“What I don’t forgive him for is that he doesn’t water the plants,” questioned ‘La Rulitos’.

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Sheila Rojas reveals that her son Antonito no longer recognizes himself because of his tinkering

Sheila Rojas told a strange story to her son Antonito, who pointed out that he did not recognize her by her facial expressions. This was said during a segment of America Hoy before questions from TV presenters about whether or not he should plead guilty.

“When I was blonde, he didn’t recognize me,” she said.

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