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Melcosita and Jimmy Sandy put past troubles behind them They fought live on the sets of Magali Madina and became friends for over 15 yearsIt became a famous moment on Peruvian television.

As is known, the two characters were invited to the popular Urraga show in 2006. However, far from being a pleasant moment, the comedian made harsh jokes about his sexuality with the singer. Because of that, everything got out of hand.

Drom | Melcosita and Jimmy Sandy became friends

Melcosita and Jimmy Sandy became friends

As seen in the pictures shared by the show “Magaly TV: La Firme”, Melcochita meets Jimmy Sandy at his house and they give each other a strong hand as a sign that all problems are forgotten.

He made everyone laugh by claiming to be a comedian in this wayYour friend is going to beat you up because you practiced martial arts in Mexico.

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Melcosita regrets her betrayal of Gutto and reveals that she suffered for the “subs”: “No one found out.”

Pablo Villanueva, “Melgocita”, said that they had betrayed him in the past and that he never forgave or would never forgive the betrayal.

“Yes, but no one found out, only me. Betrayal hurts. At that time I suffered from betrayal, but many years ago,” said the comedian.

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