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Islamic group Hamas It released a video of the Israeli hostage, identified as Mia Shem, on Monday GazaHe is one of two hundred people still alive and held captive in the Strip while armed clashes continue between Israel and Palestinian militants.

Meera: Mother of Mia Shem, young girl abducted in Gaza and captured on video by Hamas: “My daughter is a lion”

They are taking care of me and giving me medicine. I only request my family to take me home soon., my parents, my brothers. Please get me out of here as soon as possible,” said the hostage, who also said in the video that he was 21 years old and from the Israeli city of Shoham. She lies in bed with her injured arm while a health worker wraps a bandage around her.

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The young woman identifies herself Mia ShemKidnapped “early Saturday morning”. When he left the party near Gaza At least 260 people were massacred and others captured during the Hamas ground, sea and air offensive, which caught Israel by surprise.

As he further stated, Sham “severe hand injury” At that time, after they took her away GazaThere he says he was treated for his injuries for three hours.

response to spread VideoAn Israeli military spokesman said it informed the young woman’s family about her abduction a week ago.

Besides, He accused Hamas of trying to “present itself as a humane organization when it is a terrorist organization”. Who is responsible for the killing and kidnapping of children, women, children and the elderly.”

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Israel announced today that it has notified the families of 199 people abducted by Hamas and other Palestinian fighters in Gaza, military spokesman Daniel Hagari confirmed.

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Israeli forces have been shelling the area for the past 10 daysAt least 26 Israeli hostages died HamasAlthough he did not provide evidence for this.

He Video He was released shortly after Hamas released a video of its spokesman, Abu Obeidah, announcing that the group plans to release foreign hostages. Conducted by the committee Gaza.

Abu Obedah He said that these hostages They are considered your “guests”. And they will be released when “conditions on the ground” are met.

As he emphasized, Hamas It has captured 200 people, while other militants have at least 50.

At least 22 of the abductees were killed by Israeli airstrikes, the spokesman said.

Los Palestinian militants They have demanded the release of thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

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