Micheel Yancce, Junior Bodyboard World Champion, thanks to Raffles, Polladas, Raffles and his family collections | Surfing | IPD | Game-Total

Micheel Yancce, Junior Bodyboard World Champion, thanks to Raffles, Polladas, Raffles and his family collections |  Surfing |  IPD |  Game-Total

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After winning all this in a thrilling final, our compatriot Guilherme of Brazil put in a great performance to beat Montenegro and thus achieve the coveted title he has been working towards for years.

But who knows him better than anyone else? Michael Yancey was born in Lima, but at a very young age he moved with his family to Apurimac for the reasons of his parents who owned a farm in Sinceros, however, at the age of 4 he returned to the capital, and now he breaks it. A game of waves.. At 17 he proves once again that he is a prodigy for this game.

Thus, El Comercio contacted Jorge Saavetra, board president and member of the Bodyboard Sports Club of Peru. And he talks to us a little closer about the athlete’s life and all that he quietly worked to get this world title. “For 5 years we have been working with a youth team, where Michael Yancey stands out and is considered an athlete worldwide, as well as Christopher Bayona, Fabio Saavetra and Hanna Saavetra – this year they took third place in the world. Women’s division after the World Tour. Santa Natura, “It’s been a tough road with almost zero support from private companies except for brands like Independent Bodyboards, Mareundas, and sometimes Fenta and IBD in the final stretch, every journey has been a story,” he reveals.First for us.

“There are many dates on the tour around the world, which we have been able to participate in thanks to family support, activities (raffles, polladas, raffles, collections) and the support of sports fans. But today it’s Micheel Yancce, representing Punta Negra in Explosivos Beach, with the support of his parents Myra and Edwin, who has achieved the feat of becoming the 2023 Professional Bodyboard World Champion.

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Michel Yancce broke it in Spain

Likewise, he elaborated a bit on the personality of ‘Birbo’, as his social circle affectionately calls him: “He is a very modest and talented person who will be talked about next year with this gold mine born for this game,” he opined.

“His parents are from the mountains, he came to Lima for things in life, he met the Punta Negra bodyboard school where Johnny Aguirre started training him as a kid. We met there because he loved the sport, we met through my kids. Because I took him to the beach and started riding waves. I started to become a leader. There I met his parents, his evolution is spectacular, this is what he was born for. He does incredible maneuvers and has great technique. I practice the game, I am a two-time national champion, my daughter Hannah is third in the world on the same tour, But the information spread here in Peru is about the programs and football,” said the head of the sports committee. Bodyboarding Club of Peru.

Michael Yancey’s career is on the rise as he has only been training professionally for five years and now he has won the World Cup held in Spain.

But what did Michael Yancey change to improve his performance and go from runner-up to champion in just one year? Jorge Saavetra answered our question: “He added a lot of experience in those types of waves, because we traveled to different types of strong waves, the best waves to practice this sport made us go to Chile and the Canary Islands. “He has an international connection that helped him this year, So he can handle such extreme waves,” he said.

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Now, Michael only has to follow the foam like sea tracks by Sofia, Gabriel, Analie, Titi, and today Mafar, Luca and Miguelito.

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