Migration Abolishes Passport Stamping at International Airports: Why and When? | Procedures | Andean Virtual Migration Card | Peru

Migration Abolishes Passport Stamping at International Airports: Why and When?  |  Procedures |  Andean Virtual Migration Card |  Peru

National Superintendent migrations It issued a resolution to de-stamping this Friday Passports During immigration control on international flights.

In a conversation with RPP, Migration Superintendent Armando Sunga explained. The move seeks to streamline immigration control at the nation’s airports, make passenger traffic more fluid, and safeguard security..

“Which The records of the movement of migrants will be maintained in the system That is Peru. This action Do not seal Passports Initially applicable only at international airports. In addition, procedures have been collected at airports in the United States and Europe; Additionally, in Peru it was done in 2020 and 2021″He explained.

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When did this measure come into effect?

The The move is effective from May 29, 2023As a mechanism for proving entry into or exit from national territory, Stopping the use of immigration control stamps Passports.

What is measurement about?

As stated therein El Peruano newspaper’s Legal Terms Bulletin published today provides that At the immigration control posts of the country’s international airports, Use the Andean Virtual Migration Card -TAM Virtual.

If a situation arises at immigration control posts Andean Virtual Migration Card – prevents the use of TAM Virtual, Exceptionally, and As a contingency measure, immigration control stamps are used.

Why are passports not stamped?

migrations He explained that the move will benefit all passengers traveling on international flights Reduces waiting time at controlAs there is no need for the immigration inspector to stamp the travel document.

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Added to this Encourage full use of electronic gates or E-gates.

Where does passport unstamping apply?

This measure is applicable only for 5 airports in the country.

  • Jorge Chavez (Gallao).
  • Alfredo Rodríguez Ballón (Arequipa).
  • Alejandro Velasco Astete (Cusco).
  • FAP Captain Jose A. Quinones (Shikleo).
  • FAP Captain Carlos Martinez de Pinillos (Trujillo).

Integration with companies

The standard also provides communication to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Within the framework of its powers, it requests that it be notified Removal of seal Passportsfor Knowledge of passengers and airlines operating in Peruvian territory; as well as the diplomatic missions of the countries receiving the aircrafts, in the context previously indicated.

It also provides contact to Associations that group airliness operating in the national territory, as well Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (It will break), National Observatory of Customs and Excise Administration (Circumcision) and Ministry of Home Affairs (Minister), for the corresponding distribution.

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