Milet Figueira’s first interview on Argentine television: they ask her intimate questions and they associate her with Marcelo Dinelli

Milet Figueira’s first interview on Argentine television: they ask her intimate questions and they associate her with Marcelo Dinelli
Milet Figueira Appears On Argentinian TV Ahead Of Dinelli’s ‘Dancing 2023’ | USA Argentina

Milett Figueroa Monopoly cards after his participation in the program is confirmed Marcelo Dinelli, ‘Dancing 2023’. The Peruvian actress has been on everyone’s lips since her name started being called in the Argentine project, however, nothing could be confirmed until she made an official announcement.

However, it was his dance partner Martin Salway, who confirmed that Millet would accompany him in the match. “We zoomed in on Argentina and she’s still in Peru. Very nice, very attractive. Peruvian. It’s well known there,” he commented a few days ago.

Already with this confirmation, the Peruvian plane has taken off and is already in Argentine lands. Milett Figueroa She knows very well that she is not known in this country and for that she is working hard to make a name for herself and become popular. But as part of her media tour ahead of the dance competition, Patricio Quinones’ ex-partner appeared on Argentina’s America Channel and opened up about her life.

Milet Figueroa and Martin Salvay in Intrusions. (Argentina USA)

In his interview with the show Intrusos de Argentina USA, The Peruvian model admitted that she was previously invited for the show but couldn’t mention due to external issues. So, he agrees, the timing is right.

“A long time ago they invited me to dance, I didn’t have the opportunity before, but now the opportunity came, the place gave, the time was given and the time was right. It’s time to enter through the front door,” he commented early on.

At another time, he talked about his experience in dancing and commented that he was a champion ‘The Big Show’ In Peru it is said to be a form similar to Dinelli’s. “I won a show like ‘Dancing’ called ‘El Gran Show’, hosted by Gisela Valcarcel. I won in 2016 and from there I started training in dance,” he added.

Milett Figueroa appeared on Argentine television. (Argentina USA)

Another time they asked about his personal life. As you know, the program is more about what goes on behind the scenes than dancing on stage. That’s why they directly asked if she was single or in a relationship. “I am alone. (Do you have a type of man?) I don’t have a type, I think what you see is love, you don’t know what it is, but something calls you,” he said.

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One of the drivers was a bit dissatisfied with the answer and asked her to tell us a little more about her personal life. At that time, the dancer admitted that she had been single for many years and was only working on her personal and professional development.

“I don’t usually talk about my personal life, but for four years I didn’t have a formal partner, I get to know myself, I give myself time to prepare myself, it’s important to feed yourself in all the arts. Parts,” she commented very quietly.

Milett Figueroa has already been announced in the Argentina program.

however, Milett Figueroa She was very grateful for the opportunity. When asked if he would decide to change partners due to lack of chemistry, he stated that he would not take such an attitude because the first thing he wants to do is show his talent and people start getting to know him. .

“First of all I have to be very grateful because they are giving me a chance in a new country where nobody knows me yet. I can’t come with the air of a diva or an artist because nobody knows who I am yet. First I want to show what I know, my talent, and then I will come with conditions because you have to have the humility to show who you are before starting something,” he said.


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