Milet Figueroa wowed in a sensual dress at Marcelo Dinelli's daughter's wedding

Marcelo Dinelli He seems to be very excited and emotional about his daughter's marriage. Candelaria Dinelli and singer Goty Sorokin. According to the driver, everyone in her family is the same because she is the first daughter of the Dinelli clan to get married. Since morning February 24 The products have started rolling out and are already showing up in a suit Milet Figueroa.

In the photos that Marcelo Dinelli has already shared on his Instagram stories, we can see the preparation moments where the Argentine driver can be seen with his little son Lorenzo and his partner Milet Figueroa. Dinelli pointed out that they had already had lunch with the bride and were about to start getting ready for the ceremony.

After that he started publishing The first photos show her in an elegant black dress, as the father of the bride. Wearing a similar outfit, Lorenzo also shared pictures with his daughter Micaela Dinelli and another, Milet Figueroa, who wore an elegant green dress that accentuated her beauty.

Marcelo Dinelli prepares for Conde and Cody's wedding with Milet Figueroa.

Conde Dinelli and Coty Sorokin are preparing to say “I do” in an intimate event surrounded by family, friends and those close to the couple. Marcelo Dinelli, father of the brideHe shared the emotions leading up to this remarkable moment through his stories InstagramHe expressed his joy and sensitivity at the union of his “beloved Ruby” and Gotti.

“Good morning everyone, how are you? Well, Saturday, my dear Ruby's wedding day, well, Lele, has arrived. I am very happy, very excited, very sensitive. “I'm going to prepare myself with all the things to get there,” Dinelli said in his first post.

The marriage of the couple has attracted attention not only because of the daughter of the famous presenter Marcelo Dinelli, but also because of the intimate details and productions that have come out through social networks. Expectations for the event are high for the family members involved and the public who follow the relationship closely. Conde and Cody.

“It's my first daughter's wedding, all excitement, all beauty. I hope this is a beautiful moment in your life. I love her deeply and I love Cody deeply, so two people who love each other so much come together and they make us all so happy,” Marcelo commented.

Marcelo Dinelli with his children and his cousin Derry ahead of Conte's wedding.

The bride's father's remarks before the wedding highlight his deep love for his daughter and her future son-in-law, anticipating a celebration marked by affection and family togetherness.

“Also, the full moon will accompany us. Well, I'm going to send you all a kiss and I'm going to tell you about this wonderful and beautiful day that we're going to have. I adore you. Kisses,” Dinelli said.

As is known, Marcelo Dinelli has five children Three ex-partners. Much has been said about their guest list at Conde's wedding, and it is known that only one person was not invited to the ceremony.

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Included in the exclusive list Less than 400 peoplesBut still Excludes Guillermina ValdezMother of Tinelli's last child, Lorenzo Tinelli.

Marcelo Dinelli is ready for Cante's wedding with his daughter Michaela and his son Lorenzo.

“I regret to tell you that Cande Dinelli has not invited Guillermina Valdez to the wedding,” Yanina Ladorre confirmed. The reason is thought to be the strained relationship the two have had since Valdez split from his father in late 2022.

Also, Cande Tinelli himself gave his opinion Marcelo's breakup with Guillermina And he said he was hurting his father and they never had a fluid relationship. However, this will not be the case with Paula Robles, Dinelli's former partner and the mother of the invited Juana and Francisco.

Undoubtedly, Conde's mother, Soledad Aquino, He will attend the function. They meet for the first time, Milet Figueroa, Current partner of the Argentine driver.

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