MinTIC calls on coffee farmers in the country to use technology to increase production in the sector

Within the framework of the 90th edition of the Congress of the National Confederation of Coffee Producers, ICT Minister Mauricio Liscano explained to 90 delegates from 15 groups of the country, the measures that the Ministry is developing with the aim of improving. Agriculture through connectivity and digital literacy for production.

I honestly believe that you were the engine of economy in rural areas. They need to start in the field of connectivity and good practices in technology, I know the world is changing and the problem is no longer roads but connectivity. Only 60% of Colombia is connected, 32% in rural areas. The major challenge is to move to 85% of rural and rural areas. My passion is to develop technology to help us change and grow as a country.“ICT Minister, Mauricio Liscano (@MauricioLizcano)

The minister emphasized on strategies to develop technology in the sector, i.e., ‘Agrotech’, to develop connected communities, and therefore called on coffee farmers to be part of the project. Departments: Santander, Huila, Tolima, Norte de Santander, Antioquia, Cundinamarca and Boyacá, through 511 communities with 18,060 connections to homes.

Likewise, he called on coffee farmers to participate in the digital education offering and manage appropriate ICT in their production processes. Open plans are available Y The latter included a course focusing on the topic “ICT Applications for Agriculture” which has benefited 3,368 people so far.

To improve efficiency, productivity and sustainability in agriculture, MinTIC emphasizes the importance of diversifying digital skills in programming and the Internet of Things (IoT), which allows to improve products and monitor the status of crops. resources.

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