Missing Rolexes: Tina Polwart confronts attorney and refuses to hand over watches at trial

President In Boluarte wasAn impasse with the Supreme Court Hernan Mendoza During the test conducted inHis State Palace residence last Friday. According to the minutes of proceedings published this Sunday by The fourth forceThe president refused to hand over her Rolexes, saying, “This is not an exhibition procedure.”

When confronted, the public ministry representative “proceeded to carry out a personal search of the person under investigation,” the document says. Boluarte was accompanied by Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzén, Foreign Minister Javier Gonzales Olaechea and Ministers Eduardo Arana (Justice) and Julio Demartini (Development and Social Inclusion).

All of them were suddenly treated like any other person appearing in the tax system, the report said. Before that episode, an intervention at his home in Surquillo found Daniel Gomez, the ruler's son, and his lover, the housekeeper and the latter's daughter.

The never-before-seen luxury watches are sought after in various areas. It's about three Rolex Date 36Prices range from $15,200 to $22,500, and the date-date model is nearly $18,000, the Sunday paper reports.

Keep track of what's available and the image. | Photo Credit: Infobae Perú / Dissemination

None of those items were placed. “Simply put, the President said [al fiscal]: 'Look them up if you want', the report outlined. In the bathroom of his room, only eight cheap watches bought from brands were found Bulova, Fossil, Michael Kors, Swarovskiamong others.

They were “in a white metal box with a key lock (without insurance),” the minutes said.

A warranty card Rolex Modelo 126284RBR It was discovered in the Presidential Palace of Cirquillo. about this Date 36 The body of the watch is encrusted with diamonds and the numerals six and nine. It costs around $22,500.

In addition to the serial number, the card shows the date the item was purchased, which is very relevant information because even though it was purchased on July 8, 2023, it contradicts the president who said “yesterday.” , according to that finding. The same owner of Casa Banchero told the prosecutor's office that Boluarte was not a customer of his store and that he did not make purchases from them. So the watch will be a gift.

Polwart has been called to testify this Friday, April 5 at 8:30 a.m.; He, however, asked the prosecutor's office to take his statement “immediately.”Political turmoil” creating a preliminary inquiry against him for corruption.

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Research Division Latin He also revealed the regional governor of Ayacucho, Wilfredo AscorimaHe also has to testify this April 4th because he admitted that he bought a Rolex similar to the one used by the President in 2023.

Poluiarte Nine days later Oskorima signed a clause giving the administration 100 million soles. In the midst of press exposure, we must meet in person EncerronaAn unannounced collection of 15 luxury watches was showcased by the ruler.

The Governor visited the palace on March 14 from 8:57 am to 9:20 am. Nine days later, in the Official Gazette A Peruvian Emergency Decree 006-2024 appeared, which decreed 21 “extraordinary measures” in economic matters.

In Article 15, the Executive decided to grant S/ 100 million to the Regional Government of Ayacucho for the construction of the “Cradle of American Independence of Venezuela Sports Complex” stadium located in Huamanga.

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