Mónica Sánchez shows her boyfriend: “He's a musician, writer, promoter, he's a creative mind” | Monica Sanchez | Daniel Zachroisky | Behind the room is charito | | programs

In a recent interview, Monica Sanchez She shared intimate details of her personal life and was encouraged to talk about her boyfriend, whom she introduced publicly on New Year's Eve 2024.

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The popular 'Charito' from Al Fondo Hey Sitio showed his happiness when talking about his current partner, Daniel, describing him as a creative person who taught him a lot.

“He is a musician, writer, promoter, he is a creative mind, he opened an interesting musical universe for me. He plays, I perform with him, I help him, I believe that love is a gift that opens up new opportunities for you on an intellectual level, on a mental level. .He said on 'You're In All'.

Smiling, the actress noted the reactions of her followers to her new relationship, who were surprised by the age difference she maintains with the artist. “I think they made me a nun”He joked.

On the other hand, the actress has mentioned that she will soon be going abroad to pursue her studies, even though she still lives with her younger daughter Miranda.

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It entered Martin Vizcarra's house

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