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Buenos Aires is the most expensive city to live in Argentina. Photo: Collection by Gerson Cardoso/La República/CNN

Would you like to visit Argentina in the next few days? Property platform Sonaprop It shared the ranking of the cheapest city to buy or rent a house amid a tough situation Historical inflation He lives in a South American country.

The Economic crisis It will be one of the biggest challenges for the new president-elect on Sunday, November 19. So, if I travel ArgentinaWhere is it better to stay or live economically? An additional fact: The most expensive city is the capital, that is, Buenos Aires.

What is the cheapest city in Argentina?

We mean, nothing more and nothing less Mendoza. It is in that town It will be convenient to buy a house or apartment. Following the Zonaprop rankings, Córdoba and Rosario are ranked second and third respectively.

Mendoza is the cheapest city to live in Argentina. Photo: The New York Times

However, If we only think To rent a house department, Cordoba Leading the list of cheapest. Renting a two-room, 50 m² apartment costs around 43,242 pesos per month. A room with three rooms and 70 m² costs 52,101 pesos per month.

Mendoza ranks second as the cheapest capital to rent. There, two rooms and 50 m² rent for an average of 45,600 pesos per month, and three rooms and 70 m² rent for 59,800 pesos per month.

How much does it cost to buy a house in a cheap Argentine city?

According to Zonaprop, an apartment in Mendoza costs US$1,057 per m². A two-bedroom, 50 m² house is US$56,600 and a three-bedroom, 70 m² house is US$76,600. All this is cheap considering the average price of a property in Córdoba is US$1,127.

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$70,000 can buy a 3 bedroom house in Mendoza. Photo: Channel 9

There, a two-room house of 50 m² costs US$58,719, while a three-room house of 70 m² costs US$83,504. Undoubtedly, Mendoza shows lower figures than the values ​​of Buenos Aires, Rosario and Córdoba.

The most expensive neighborhood in Latin America is in Argentina

The Properati portal prepared a ranking of the most expensive neighborhoods in Latin America this year 2023 and the results revealed. Port of Madero (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina), Del Valle (Monterrey, Mexico) and Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) are the top ranked neighborhoods, respectively.

Puerto Madero leads the rankings In the last five years. According to a recent analysis by Properati, the ten most expensive neighborhoods are located in five of the 13 countries analyzed.

Which South American country has the ‘coldest neighborhood in the world’?

For this 2023, the neighborhood chosen as the first place in the ‘Coolest’ ranking is one in the West. Medellin, Colombia. This is Laurels, an area “with a very quiet reputation”. Time is up. In addition, it is worth noting that the Athanasio Girardot sports section (which administratively belongs to another commune) and Carrera 70’s nocturnal rumba corridor are located in this area.

“The neighborhood is home to a famous nightlife area known as La 70, where every bar and restaurant turns into a dance floor,” notes Time Out magazine. Photo: Casacol

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