'My Awful Demon' and 'Love Alarm' Star Song Kang Begins His Military Service, Bids Farewell With Emotional Letter | | Answers

Famous Korean actor Song Kang is remembered for his roles K-dramas However, like Love Alarm and My Adorable Demon, he will be officially entering military service this April 2nd (local date in South Korea), which is why he released a heartfelt letter in which he bids farewell to his fans and thanks them for their unconditional love and support. In the following lines, we tell you everything we know about his army joining, departure date, photos and more.

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Likewise, the actor shared a photo before he entered the military service, in which he sports a new haircut and a different look at this new phase of initiation:

Song Kang shared an emotional farewell letter

Like other famous actors, Song Kang also announced his military service. This year, we saw the official announcement of Kim Min Kyu (actor of Business Proposal) and his induction into the military, and the discharge of Kang Tae Oh (actor of Woo An Extraordinary Lawyer) who completed his service.

In this case, it is Song Kang's turn to start his service on April 2nd. Thus, the young artist shared a handwritten letter dedicated to his fans through his fankoff. Below is the full translation:


I don't know how to begin… As you may have seen on the news, I am finally leaving. SONGPYEON has loved me ever since I debuted in 2017 and beyond. So I think I should be myself because you are always there. I have many memories and years these days.

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Lately I've been writing thank you notes before I go to bed. There are many things I am thankful for with SONGPYEON. I am so grateful that my 20s were filled with so many meaningful moments including birthdays, anniversaries, and fan meets.

I won't be with you for a while, but it will soon pass. I hope to greet you again in person with a grateful and healthy heart. When that time comes, I hope to see you happier than you are now.

There are many things I want to do when I join the army and one of them is to learn a new language. I'm not going to waste a year and a half (of military service in South Korea). I hope SONGPYEON spend their time meaningfully doing what they love and discovering themselves… I will always be there. We will keep thinking of each other. I will return healthy, safe and happy. I love you, SONGPEON.

When will Chang Kong finish his military service?

Song Kong starts his military service this April 2nd and will undergo his respective training for a year and a half, that is 18 months. As a result, he will be officially discharged on October 2 or 3, 2025.

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What dramas has Song Kang worked on?

The actor participated in a series of productions such as:

  • Hello spring
  • Liar and his lover
  • The man setting the table
  • Touch your heart
  • When the devil calls your name
  • Sweet Home 1, 2 y 3
  • Like a butterfly
  • Flaws of love

Among the globally recognized, her globally acclaimed roles include titles such as My Adorable Demon, the latest broadcast drama by Netflix. At the same time, however and other topics such as Love Alarm.

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Song Kang as Jung Ku-won and Kim Yoo-jung as Do Do-hee in the Korean series “My Lovely Demon” (Photo: Netflix)
Even so. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of love stories, the best Korean series is an option.

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