NASA scientists have discovered a space-borne mutant bacteria – my cannabis

A shocking discovery was made by the researchers NASAAfter finding out 13 strains of Enterobacter buccantensis bacteria In International Space Station (ISS), which changed when it found itself in space.

This pathogen is often found Gastrointestinal tract and related Serious infections of the blood, skin and urinary tissues, sepsis and endocarditisIt might be possible Deadly.

In the extreme conditions aboard the ISS, the bacteria evolved equally And dangerous The version that exists on Earth to survive, is to get 578 complex mutations and novel antibiotic resistance genes.

ISS genomes contained an average of 4,568 genes, which is higher than the average number of 4,416 genes found in Earth genomes.”, they explained from NASA.

Mutant bacteria worry International Space Station crew

The biggest concern of NASA experts behind the discovery 13 mutant strains of Enterobacter bugandensis bacteria on the International Space Station Well-being of astronauts working on board, from Your health may suffer And pathogens have developed resistance against drugs.

“Microbial population of the ISS is viable Affecting the microbes of the astronauts and replenished by the arrival of a new crew. Therefore, understanding microbial colonization, succession and interactions is critical to ensuring the well-being of astronauts and managing microbial risks in isolated and confined human habitats.“, they concluded from the company.

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