Nathaniel Sanchez and the reason he decided to stay away from his father: “It doesn't fit into my life”

Nathaniel Sanchez explains why she decided not to have contact with her father and how therapy helped her. | Instagram/Nataniel Sánchez

Nathaniel Sanchez, a well-known Peruvian actress, shared in a conversation with the journalist Veronica Linares For his YouTube show, the focus is on him, in-depth details about his personal life Difficult relationship with his father.

After returning to Peru, Fernanda de las Casas recalled in 'Al Fondo Hay Sitio', now living in Spain, opened her heart about the family challenges faced over the years.

The artist insisted that she had maintained no contact with her father for years, highlighting that past interactions with him were unhealthy. “My dad shouldn't have been a dad”Sanchez announced.

In colloquial terms, he cut ties with her because of the way he related to her and so on Attend therapy for family problems It affected her from a young age.

Nathaniel Sanchez explains why she decided not to have contact with her father and how therapy helped her. | Instagram/Nataniel Sánchez

Despite the potential for abuse, Nathaniel Sanchez made it clear that while her father did not physically assault her, the way he interacted with her did not contribute positively to her life.

“I had no relationship with my dad for many years, he was already on television. “I decided not to have a relationship with my father because he didn't relate to me in a healthy way and I knew that no one had the right to hurt us, not even our parents,” the interpreter said in the speech.

This situation led the actress to seek therapy for twelve years, where she worked to understand and manage her family relationship issues.

Nathaniel Sanchez admits he refused to be on 'Al Fondo Hey Sitio'. Capture/USA TV

“My dad didn't touch me, but the way he bonded… I knew he did his best. I love them and I have already forgiven them but he will do his things in his own way. It didn't suit my life, so I decided to step aside,” he added.

He said that he prioritizes his well-being and harmony in his life. “We come with the idea that your father and mother are death, and if they mistreat you, you can tolerate it. I have forgiven myself, I did not choose this” concluded the actress.

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actress Nathaniel Sanchez He also shared his experience during his time working on the popular Peruvian series 'There's room downstairs'.

Although being a part of the cast made him happy, he faced difficulties with the show's producer when he requested time off for his professional and academic development, which was initially rejected.

The actress asserted that her early start in the acting world limited her ability to pursue formal studies, leading her to decide to fully dedicate herself to work instead of academia.

“I asked the producer for permission to read and she told me that she can't give it to me because the series has started and I don't know how the shoot will be. The opposite happened with my partner, I don't know her life, but in my case we can eat my salary. Between my mom and I, we helped around the house, so I needed that job,” she recalls.

In 2015, the situation Nathaniel Sanchez He experienced a change when he negotiated with the people in charge of the channel to get permits that would allow him to study English and business administration.

Unfortunately, these permits were less than needed to meet requirements for acting courses requiring more hours.

Nataniel Sánchez is a Peruvian actress with a long career in film and television. | diffusion

The actress highlighted The importance of leadership It encourages the growth of your team, implicitly criticizing the project leader for what he perceives as an obstacle to your career growth.

“Let's see, for me, the leader really knows, he has to let his people continue to grow because ultimately what they learn will benefit you as the leader; But there are leaders who don't have that vision and they hinder your growth,” he highlighted.

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