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In fulfillment of the call for University Extension Projects under the motto “1983/2023 – 40 Years in Democracy”, On October 5, the Exchange Day of Friendship and Extension Teams from the Alto Valle – Valle Medio headquarters, called “a common experience”, was held in the academic building of the National University of Rio Negro (UNRN) in General Roca.

In this meeting, which presented the socialization of experiences and the strengthening of integrations, the teachers, nodocents and students described their projects, expectations and regional impact.

Of the 15 projects presented at the Alto Valle – Valle Medio headquarters, 10 exhibitions were held, indicating a great participation commitment. Members:
• A glimpse of regenerative animal husbandry at Choele Choel,

• Concept of insecurity and revenge in Villa Regina

• Visual and Audiovisual Design Office at General Roca.

• DIVULGAfest – Science with you at General Roga

• Women and the countryside in Choele Choel

• Identifying and cataloging the built heritage for its development and as a reference maker and collective cultural symbol of Macwinchao,

• Transforming the area into a public space for gathering, recreation and community participation. Maria Elena Walsh Plaza in General Roca.

• Environmental awareness and communication campaign in Villa Regina

• More space, more access, more opportunities, popular library “From Children” Barrio Alta Parta” and guidelines for the creation of a socio-cultural circle, Barrio Alta Parta, Ladrilleros and Carlos Soria, Northwestern part of the city of General Roca.

• Updating, expanding and improving the Architectural Heritage Register of the City of General Roga.

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Socialization of experiences and strengthening of integrations were proposed in this meeting.

Representatives of the Extension Project “En Boca de Todos” created within the scope of the UNRN Dental Program and General E. Godoy City CEM Science Club no. They went on to explain the workings of the Task Force of 49. They are developing in the dissemination of science in collaboration with the National University of Rio Negro in an extension project called DIVULGAfest – Ciencia con vos.

This activity is coordinated by the Extension Undersecretary of the Extension Secretariat of the Alto Valle – Valle Medio Headquarters and the Rectory. UNRN offers opportunities to develop extension programs as part of the company’s strategy and style, proposes a dialogue of integrity to the issues facing our communities and provides comprehensive training for future professionals.

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