Nellie Rossinelli announced what the biggest challenge will be for the contestants on the new season of The Great Celebrity Chef.

Latin Television announced that Soon New Season”The Great Celebrity Chef” with double fun and flavor. Thus, Nellie Rossinelli She is no stranger to the excitement of the 'little chefs' and even dared to “warn” the next contestants who hit the kitchen.

Knowing that the new season of “El Gran Chef Famosos” will require the contestants to work in pairs, Nellie Rossinelli began to foresee what would be the greatest challenge they would face.

“Working in a team (will be the biggest challenge) because by working alone one already knows their tricks, they know their order or disorder. But it's good to have another person working hand in hand with you, it can be a support, but it can be a complete mess and make you more desperate.” “Working as a team is a big challenge,” he said.

Nellie Rossinelli and the Person She Never Brought as Her Partner in “The Great Celebrity Chef” Kitchen

Through their social networking sites, Nellie Rossinelli She often shares details of her family life and enjoys spending time with her husband Gerson Rossinelli and her two youngest children. But despite this intimacy in marriage, “The Great Celebrity Chef” juror vowed that she would never bring her partner into the kitchen..

I love my husband very much, but I did not bring him. As a chef, he is a great economist“, Nellie assured with a laugh Latin Entertainment Exclusive.

And, turning the question around, popular 'Mother of parrots'He also admitted to whom Definitely He will bring his perfect pairing for the new season.”The Great Celebrity Chef”. “I think one of my sister or my mother. Three for one of them”, he emphasized.

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Will Nelly Rossinelli be too serious with the participants of the new season of “The Great Celebrity Chef”?

Nellie Rossinelli became in-demand in “The Great Celebrity Chef: The Revenge.” For example, we remember the time he called out Junior Silva for not serving food even though he had the same time as his teammates. “You're in a competition where it's chopping, cooking and everything is junior. Usually I give you words of encouragement and everything. But you have to take responsibility and take action,” said the 'parrot mother' sternly.

So, doubts arose whether this aspect of Nellie Rossinelli will continue in the new season of “The Great Famous Chef”. So, in an interview with Latina Entertainment, he admitted what his approach is for the next version.

“I think the Radicals already have Javier (Macias) and sometimes Giacomo (Bocchio). So they are going to take me there: hard hand and soft hand,” he assured.

Where to watch all episodes of “The Great Celebrity Chef”?

Latin! All episodes of “The Great Famous Chef” are available on our YouTube channel. Latin Television. You can also watch it through the Latina Play web portal and the Latina app for mobile devices.

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