New mayors and governors face huge challenges

New mayors and governors face huge challenges

Elections were held on October 29, and more than 23 million Colombians went to the polls to elect the next mayors and governors of 1,103 municipalities and 32 departments of the national geographic region.On a day, though minor disturbances in public order occurred in some regions, It was mostly quiet.

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the victory of Carlos Fernando Colon in Bogotá, Federico Gutierrez in Medellin, Alejandro Eder in Cali and Alejandro Saar in Barranquilla; Some of the results after these elections, in which according to experts, the coalition and the government parties suffered huge defeats.

Regional Elections 2023

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However, the question now is what will come next for the new regional leaders? I take into account the current slow down panorama and the urgency to strengthen the economy without affecting the labor market.

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The next four years, starting next January 1, will be very busy, with many mayors and governors not related to President Gustavo Pedro, which is why there are fears of a disconnect between the central government and the regions. Many analysts ask for control.

Elections 2023

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Itauu experts maintain it “The relationship with the national government is critical to the implementation of the programs planned in the nation’s 2024 budget. The challenge will be new programs and how quickly the government can resume public spending at the end of the year. DTN has a high level of liquidity, which stood at $39 billion in the last report.

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“Finally, with labor reform yet to leave the Seventh Commission, it is expected that discussions on the reforms of the government’s legislative agenda, particularly health and pension reforms, will resume.” Explain.

Meanwhile, heColombo American Chamber, AmCham ColombiaHe highlighted that there is a lot to be done for the future and teamwork is essential to ensure collective growth that will benefit the entire country.

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María Claudia Lacouture, president of Amcham, highlighted that “Improving security conditions, promoting collaboration with the private sector, aggressive programs for youth employment that allow poverty alleviation, strengthening connectivity and education and integrating outstanding infrastructure work are some of the most important challenges to be faced”.

Likewise, he pointed to the business sector “It reaffirms its willingness to contribute that all major winners are citizens.”

To former Finance Minister Jose Manuel Restrepo, “The elections send a strong message: political sanity and balance must be restored.”

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“Dialogue and consensus-building that respects institutions that do not polarize, do not fall into populism, reject conflict, call for balance and center, respect means, build with faith and humility, do not destroy what is built, call with passion for truly effective responses to the needs of the citizen.”Added Restrepo.

It is worth remembering that President Gustavo Pedro himself said that it was necessary to realign the route after these decisions. He pointed out that we should work hand in hand with the new leadersTo carry out their social reforms.

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