Nicola Porcella and Wendy Guevara Reveal Proposed to Be Part of Telethon in Peru

Nicola Porcella Y Wendy Guerra Both of them have become very influential characters ‘Famous Mexican House’. The duo stole the hearts of the public for their passionate expressions and content during their stay on this co-existence reality show.

After a successful final seen by millions across Latin America, the Mexican influencer was crowned champion of this edition, where she and the ex-reality boy share moments together, but this time outside the house.

For this reason, through social networks, they are very united and are encouraged to carry out live broadcasts so that their followers will now discover everything they do without being noticed 24 hours a day.

Wendy Guerra in ‘The House of Famous Mexico’. (Photo: Wendy Guevara’s Instagram)

In one of these ‘lives’, fans of the couple were able to hear one of their proposals, which is related to a telethon that will take place in Peru in the coming weeks. As she said Wendy GuerraThey want your presence at this charity event Nicola Porcella.

After listening to the words of his partner, the former reality guy indicates that they will talk about this topic at that time, he also asks his followers if they want to see the influencers in Peru.

However, ex-member ‘This is War’ Speaking of this topic, it indicates that their visit to the Peruvian territory is not possible for a few months, because they already have many commitments in Mexico, so their presence for the telethon is not possible.

Nicola Porcella placed second in ‘La Casa de los Famousos Mexico’. (Photo: Instagram by Nicola Porcella)

Symbols of love between Nicola Porcella Y Wendy Guerra Although both are already out, they continue to occur to this day ‘Famous Mexican House’The great friendship born within this reality is still evident.

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The hostess during the birthday party Galilee Montejo Both did not hesitate to kiss each other. These characters moved further, presenting themselves in an affectionate manner before the eyes of all present.

Likewise, Wendy and Nicola danced so closely together that rumors of a relationship between the two resurfaced on social media, where their fans eagerly waited to see them together.

Wendy Guerra and Nicola Porcella kiss after leaving ‘La Casa de los Famosos’. Twitter.

Finishing is worth mentioning ‘Famous Mexican House’, the finalists will have to complete a series of interviews on different programs that Televisa has. Additionally, they plan to tour throughout Mexico.

According to the representative of the Peruvian model, he already has a guaranteed job until the end of this year, so he will not return to Peru for several months, in addition, he will meet and greet his fans. Thanks to him for supporting him all the time during these months of competition.

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