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He hopes to save her. Paco Bazan He reveals that he broke up with her during one of the worst moments of his life Wife Janice. In the middle of a conversation for the ‘Eric y Gonzalo’ channel on YouTube, the ex-footballer He said that he was fighting to restore his marriage, for whom he had even sacrificed his chastity.. Here we tell you who is the mother of his children and wife.

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“I offered my chastity to God I have promised him that I will never touch a woman who is not my wife again. I am separated from my wife I am on my knees waiting for her in prayer with the firm belief that the Lord is going to restore my marriage,” her poignant words.

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Who is your wife Janice?

Amid deep pain, Paco Bazan He confessed that he is his wife and the only love of his life and that he has two wonderful children as a result of that relationship. The TV presenter described her ex-partner as “detailed, disciplined and loving”.

“I was saved by Jesus, and one morning he found me where I was destroyed. If you gave me a gun, I would shoot myself, I had a wonderful wife, the love of my life, spectacular in every way. Honorable, honest, dignified, loving, the girl of my youth She became my wife after giving me two wonderful children. “I have nothing to be happy about, now my wife is gone, my children are in parts, I am happy because there is a person who did not allow me to be there, he always took care of me, saved me, I did not open the door for him,” he noted.

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Who is Paco Bazán’s wife?

Former goalkeeper Paco Bazán, 42, married his young girlfriend and had two small children. He decided to say yes to Janice at the altar in 2005, even a photo of their wedding day is shown next. Caesar Eurip.

They both met in 1999 when Juan Arich was a member of the club.. The reasons for their separation are not yet known, however, they mention possible infidelity on social networks.

Paco Bazán: What happened to his wife and why he prays to God

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