Nicolas Paschini has signed for Sporting Crystal as the new left back

Argentinian Nicolas Pasquini will become Sporting Cristal’s first signing for the Clausura competition. Can he show his best?

Everything points to Nicolas Pascuni as Sporting Cristal’s new left back. | Photo: University / Workshops / Libero Mix

In recent weeks, hundreds of thousands of Rio fans have wondered who the next Sporting Cristal left-back will be. Nicolas Paschini’s name started ringing strongly in the sky blue shop due to Nilsson Loyola’s few opportunities in the team.

Now, everything indicates that the negotiations will be completed. According to sports journalist Denilson Barrenechea of ​​A Presión, Pasquini has a verbal agreement with the company and will sign a contract. Florida Until December 2024.

Photo: Workshops

For now, the player’s departure from his current club is the only thing to be mentioned, as he is in theory contracted to Dolores until 2023. However, throughout the season, the player has only played 8 games in the shirt. of ‘T’.

It should be noted that at the age of 32, Bascugni has never played outside of his native Argentina. In this way, his arrival at Sporting Crystal in the second half of the year will represent his first professional experience abroad.

Which teams did Nicolas Paschini play for?

In his career as a football player, Nicolas Paschini was only officially in four teams: Atlanta, Lance, La Plata students and Córdoba Workshops. Additionally, its best value is 2.8 million euros.

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