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Warning, spoiler alert. Based on the novel of the same name by Miguel Sáez Carral, “Not one more” (“Raising Voices” in English) is a Spanish Netflix series The story is told by a seventeen-year-old named Alma (Nicole Wallace), who one day surprises the entire school by placing a sign on the door denouncing him as a sex offender. Although she has the support of her mother and her best friend Greta (Clara Galli), it won’t be an easy road, especially as they point people at her and doubt her testimony. Who is the rapist? Who is harassing the protagonist on social media? Who is the real victim? Next, I will tell you what happened to the main characters.

Created by Jose Manuel Lorenzo and Chaz Carrel, the series begins with Alma hanging a large poster, “Carefully. A rapist hides there”, at the main door of his study centre. As the authorities decide how to deal with the situation, it goes back four months to show the routine of the young rebel who has already caused more than one disturbance.

After the history teacher talks with Alma’s parents about the possibility of the young woman not graduating, the protagonist’s plans “” about going to a party with her friend Greta and winning over David. However, he decides to escape without considering some of the dangers. At night, she tries to kiss her best friend’s older brother, but is rejected. Heartbroken, she gets drunk and surrounds herself with strange men. Greta comes to help, but David disappears when he turns to look for Alma.

Alma (Nicole Wallace) in the Spanish series “Not One More” (Photo: Netflix) puts the phrase “Be careful. There’s a rapist hiding” at school to reprimand her attacker.

What happened at the end of “Ni Una Mor”?

Alma returns home the next morning, but she is no longer the same. That night something changes and when he returns home he wants to lie down by his flame and cry. But first she must face her parents who punish her indefinitely. Although Alma assures her that she is fine, Greta is convinced that something has happened to her friend, so she writes her a tender letter to encourage her to tell her story. Meanwhile, Nada (Aicha Villaverde) is upset that her friends went to the party without her.

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As Alma struggles with confusing memories, Greta meets a charming man. It’s about Mercedes, an elderly woman who the young man sells drugs and her brother raises at home to help financially support their family. When Greta discovers that Mer works for the Civil Guard, she fears that their relationship could be a trap to stop David, so they stop their operations and devise a plan to stop Mer.

For her part, Nada constantly argues with her boyfriend Alberto (Gabriel Guevara), who is bisexual and constantly humiliates Alma. Despite the red flags, Nada is by his side, damaging a neighbor’s house to get a moment of intimacy with him. However, on one occasion Alberto calls his friends, who do nothing when they try to abuse his girlfriend. The police arrive just in time and Nada finally ends their toxic relationship.

Protagonist”” There is a fake social media account called @Iam_colemanmiller where he publishes a series of posts detailing the abuse he suffered against a victim. But whose photos are they? Who owns the story? Who is the real victim? Alma also has to deal with a stalker who sends her pornographic photos. Who is behind that anonymous profile?

Alberto (Gabriel Guerra), Nada’s (Aicha Villaverde) boyfriend, is the one who molests Alma in the Spanish series “Ni Una Mas” (Photo: Netflix).

What does the ending “ni una mor” mean?

Who did Alma go with on the night of the feast, and what happened to her?

party night, Alma leaves with her friend Hernan to avoid seeing David. But her partner, instead of walking her to the door of his house, makes her sleep with her drunk. Although Alma agrees to accompany him, she is not in a position to consent. When Greta finally tells Alma the truth, she helps her confront Hernán.

Hernán does not recognize his mistake at the time, but after being rejected by his friends he begins to reflect on his actions and later attends therapy. Therefore, the sign that Alma hangs on the door of her school is not directed at Hernan. So, who is the rapist hiding in those educational institutions?

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Who is the rapist?

In the first chapters of “Ni una más,” Alma reunites with Berta, who has lost touch with her after switching schools due to a mental illness.. Berta returns to Alma’s life and tries to talk to her on several occasions, but it’s not until Nicole Wallace’s character ends up in an accident in the hospital that she shares her story.

Berta says that the history teacher abused her for a long time It is the cause of his depression, his school change, and his suicide attempts. After listening to her, Alma tries to convince her to file a complaint, but the victim is afraid no one will believe her, thus the user “Coleman Miller” is born. Although the photos are from Alma, the story is Berta’s.

Who is tormenting Alma?

Alberto apologizes to Nada to avoid a complaint that would ruin his university plans abroad. This compromise causes a huge argument between Nada and Alma. Fed up with Alma’s involvement in their relationship, Alberto posts intimate photos of her, causing her to be bullied at school.

Thanks to Hernán, Alma discovers that it was Alberto who sent her the pornographic photos. He thinks Nada gave them to him, so he confronts her and ends their friendship. In retaliation, Nada, recognizing her friend’s shirt at Coleman Miller, blames the teachers. Subsequently, the Civil Guard went to the spot and started investigation.

What happened to Berta?

When Alma proposes to suspend Coleman Miller’s publications, Berta regrets that her friend helped her. Alma also mentions that the teacher never tried anything with her even though they were alone on several occasions. The latter upsets Berta, who gets off the bus in despair, steps into traffic and runs over to her death before Alma can see.

Mercedes is in charge of the investigation, and upon hearing Berta’s story, she realizes the scale of the case, but admits that they have no evidence against the history teacher. Additionally, it noted that Berta had been diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) since age 12 and had reported abuse, but dropped the charges. For a moment, Alma also doubts her friend and plans to apologize to the only teacher who tried to help her, but when she sees a younger student at the door of the teacher’s office, she decides to do something by force.

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What happened to the history teacher?

Alma tells everything to her parents, who support her and help her make the poster. After posting at the school, she posted the history teacher’s face on her Instagram account with a sex predator tag. Little by little other students also join the protest. Hernán and his friends go with Alma, and Greta and Nata leave Alberto and reveal about the photos.

Education officials try to get students back to their classes and call the Civil Guard. Mercedes shows up at the school, not to disperse the students, but to arrest the history teacher, whom another victim dares to report after seeing Alma’s publications.

After Berta’s death, Alma (Nicole Wallace) decides to take justice into her own hands in the Spanish series “Ni Una Mas” (Photo: Netflix).

How about watching “not one more”?

So, to watch the new Spanish miniseries, all you need is a subscription to the popular streaming site.

“One More” Technical Paper

  • Original title: Not one yet
  • Year: 2024
  • Average Episode Length: 40 min.
  • The country is Spain
  • Created by: Miguel Chas Corral
  • Directed by: Edward Cortez, Marta Fonter, David Ulloa
  • Screenplay: Miguel Sáez Carral, Isa Sánchez
  • Novel: Miguel Chas Corral
  • Music: Lucas Vidal
  • Photo: Ismail Issa, David Tudela
  • Company: DLO Productions
  • Distributor: Netflix

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